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Youngs - Super Molichop Feeds

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Youngs - Super Herbi-chop - 15kg

Super Herbichop is a high fibre horse feed that improves palatability of feed and helps the respiratory system. It also aids the digestive process and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

Youngs - Super Molichop Bloom - 15kg

Super Molichop Bloom is a high oil chaff that includes a leisure balancer. It is a non-heating feed that is high in fibre and contains vitamins and minerals.

Youngs - Super Molichop Lite - 15kg

Super Molichop Lite is a low calorie horse feed that is high in fibre and has lot sugar molasses. It contains Alfalfa pellets and can be fed as a complete feed to your horse.

Youngs - Super Molichop Original - 15kg

Super Molichop Original is an economical horse feed that is high in fibre. It is to be fed with concentrate. It helps to extend feeding time and increases palatability of the feed