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Veterinary Equipment

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Nettex -  Non Vac  - Feeding Bottle

A large, 500ml BOILABLE POLYCARBONATE BOTTLE complete with teat and collar. Extra tough to prolong life and calibrated for accurate feeding

Nitrile - Powder Free Gloves - Various Manufacturers

Latex free purple nitrile gloves single use gloves that are protein free and are less prone to puncture compared to traditional latex and vinyl gloves. Non-sterile, ambidextrous and fashion a beaded cuff.

Non Vac Teats

Specially designed ISOPRENE TEAT with unique vacuum releasing valve, moulded in, to make feeding easier. Bulbous end of teat encourages more rapid acceptance by lambs

Powdered Latex Gloves - Various Suppliers

Handsafe finetouch latex pre-powdered gloves. Smooth to improve sensitivity. Ambidextrous . Box contains approx 100 gloves.

Pull on Teat

Made of superior rubber to make it supple yet strong walls. A Bulbous end is specially designed to encourage fast acceptance

Sharps Bin - Yellow with Yellow Lid

Sharps bin for the safe collection and disposal of contaminated sharps, including those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues

Thermometer - Digital

A rapid easily read and accurate reading of the temperature of all animals