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Top Spec - Horse feeds

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Top Spec - Anti Lam Feed Balancer - 15kg

TopSpec AntiLam is a pelleted multi-supplement which is able to provide nutritional support for horses prone to, being treated for or recovering from laminitis

Top Spec - Comprehensive Feed Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer is a palatable, non-heating pellet which has been made without cereal grains for a low sugar & starch formula.

Top Spec - Cool Balancer - 15kg

TopSpec Cool Balancer is designed for horses & ponies that need to improve their condition but without the fizz & may be in light to medium work.

Top Spec - Cool Condition Cubes - 20kg

Top Spec Cool Condition Cubes provide horses that need to gain weight with a source of non-heating calories without the fizz.

Top Spec - Donkey Forage Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Donkey Forage Balancer can be fed to donkeys over three weeks of age, it provides essential vitamins, minerals & proteins which these unique animals need to stay in good condition.

Top Spec - Fibre Plus Cubes - 20kg

Top Spec Fibre Plus is non-heating and low in sugar and starch. Soya and linseed are added to balance the calories with protein and help to avoid the ‘fat but not fit’

Top Spec - Joint Feed Balancer - 15kg

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer combines the nutritional benefits of a conditioning feed balancer with a high specification joint supplement.

Top Spec - Lite Feed Balancer - 15kg

Lite Feed Balancer will help maintain excellent health whilst greatly improving hoof quality and promoting a supple skin and an exceptionally shiny coat.

Top Spec - Performance Cubes - 20kg

TopSpec Performance Cubes provide extra energy for hard working horses in a non-heating formula, especially useful for horses that are a bit sharp & need to focus on their job

Top Spec - Senior Feed Balancer - 15kg

Senior Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to help maintain mobility.

Top Spec - Senior Lite Balancer - 15kg

Senior Lite Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to help maintain mobility.

Top Spec - Stud - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Top Spec Stud Balancer is designed for broodmares, youngstock and stallions. The formula will promote superb muscle and skeletal development without providing excess calories resulting overtopping.

Top Spec - Stud - Lite - Feed Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer is a very palatable ‘Non-Heating’ low calorie feed that contains a multisupplement including the levels of micronutrients and digestive aids normally only found in supplements.

Top Spec - Super Conditioning Flakes - 20kg

TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes are a highly innovative muesli blend that is an ideal way of reducing current hard feed intake without reducing condition.

Top Spec - Top Chop Alfalfa - 15kg

TopChop Alfalfa is a high temperature dried British Alfalfa mix with added real mint to help improve palatability & provide extra digestive benefits.

Top Spec - Top Chop Lite - 15kg

TopChop Lite is suitable for all horses & ponies, especially good doers or those prone to gaining weight. The formula is a natural product made from alfalfa, oat straw, real mint & a light dressing of soya oil

Top Spec - Top Chop Sport - 15kg

TopSpec TopChop Sport is a highly palatable mixture of high temperature dried alfalfa & a selection of meadow grass species all coated in soya oil for improved conditioning.

Top Spec - Top Chop Zero - 12.5kg

TopSpec TopChop Zero has been made from British Oat Straw with a tasty apple flavour and mint for extra palatability.

Top Spec - Turbo Flakes - 20kg

TopSpec Turbo Flakes provide horses with a source of fast release energy within a highly innovative muesli blend that has 35% more digestible energy per kg than quality oats.

Top Spec - UlsaKind Cubes - 20kg

UlsaKind Cubes are also very low in starch and sugar and high in fibre so they are suitable for whole range of other situations as well.

Top Spec- Top Chop Grass - 15kg

TopChop Grass is a blend of specially selected, dried, British grasses. It is ideal for horses and ponies needing a soft, very palatable chop, perfect for fussy feeders including fit performance horses and elderly horses.

TopSpec  - Performance Lite -  Feed Balancer  - 15kg

TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer is designed for horses in hard work that do not require any extra muscle development or topline,

TopSpec -  Linseed Mash  - 20kg

TopSpec Linseed Mash is a highly palatable mash which combines the best of traditional knowledge with modern technology.

TopSpec - 14% Bespoke Horse Mix - 20kg

TopSpec 14% Bespoke Horse Mix is a basic but still effective horse feed designed for horses in light to medium work. The feed comes in a plain white sack with full nutritional information & feeding instructions included.

TopSpec - High Fibre Mash - 20kg

TopSpec High Fibre Mash is a high-fibre, cereal-grain-free and 'Non-Heating' mash that is ideal for good-doers.

TopSpec - Racehorse Cubes - 20kg

TopSpec Racehorse Cubes are a high energy cube including oats designed to be fed with an appropriate balancer e.g. TopSpec Racing feed balancer.

TopSpec - Racing Feed - Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Racing Feed Balancer is designed to provide nutritional support for optimum speed, stamina & recovery rates in working horses. This low starch feed is great for horses that need a specialist diet