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The clever Bizzy Bites are a multi-functional equine teether and 3-in-1 stable toy that you can hang from the wall, leave on the floor or attach to the stable door.
Traditional Spring Balance is a pocket sized metal spring balance with a hook for weighing feed
From: £5.99
Gold Label Stable Fresh is a disinfectant liquid that can be used to stop horses from eating straw. It can be a general use around the yard and has a pine fragrance which is pleasant for both horses and humans.
An aid to breathing in horses with respiratory infections. To be sprayed liberally in the atmosphere around the horse in either the stable or transporter.
The 5 Kg Holder has been designed to be used in conjunction with 5kg Horslyx products and provides an ideal way of keeping your Horslyx clean
As your horse plays with the toy the Likit Holder will move, making them work harder for their reward. DOES NOT COME WITH A LIKIT SUPPLIED
NAF Crib Stop is an unpleasant tasting water repellent coating to discourage your horse against stereo-typical behaviour such as crib biting or rug chewing. from biting wood and other hard surfaces.
From: £7.45
Red Gorilla Rubber Skip is made from recycled tyres and is an ideal skip for animals useful for feed or mucking out.
Silvermoor Swingers Treat Ball is the innovative design attaches to the rope (which can be bought separately) and is hung from a height in your stable.
The ultimate broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant useful in all animal areas against a wide variety of diseases
The Munch Net is designed to prolong the eating of the Hay Blocks. This small hole net is the perfect way to feed hay blocks in the stable or hang in the trailer or lorry when out and about.
A range of products to help maintain your stable, whilst making things easier