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Silvermoor - Horse Feeds

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Fair Forage is a reliable quality, general purpose haylage. This great value ryegrass haylage has protein and fibre levels suitable for horses and ponies in all levels of work.

Silvermoor Unicorn Haylage.  Made with Timothy and Cocksfoot grasses to ensure low sugar and high fibre.

Silvermoor Veteran is a short chop rye grass haylage which is easily chewed and managed by horses and ponies with deteriorating teeth.
Silvermoor have developed the lowest protein, lowest sugar and highest fibre haylage to make Silvermoor Lite, specifically developed to suit laminitics and to aid weight management.
Silvermoor Recreation Haylage is Designed to be suitable for all types of horses and ponies in all levels of work 'recreation' provides all the nutrition your horse requires from its forage