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Absorbine - Miracle Groom - Spray - 946ml

Absorbine Miracle Groom spray that works without soap or water, and so is great for cold weather touch-ups.

Absorbine - Showsheen - Stain Remover & Whitener Spray - 591ml

Fast acting, quick drying spot remover enhanced with oxi-eraser stain lifters for a colour-safe deep clean without bleach.

Barrier - Event Grease - 1 Litre

Barrier Event Grease is a useful protection mechanism for the chest, belly & shins as the horse skims over & knocks on obstacles.

Battles - Chalk Powder  - 120g

Battles Chalk Powder 120g

Carr, Day & Martin - Canter - Coat Shine Spray - 500ml

Conditions the coat and helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling, making grooming easier. Provides an oil free, evenly distributed shine; leaving the coat non-greasy.

Gold Label  - Mane, Tail & Coat Spray - 500ml

Gold Label Mane, Tail & Coat Spray shines, conditions and prevents tangles in your horse's hair. Easy to apply with the trigger.

Gold Label - Show White Paste -  400g

Gold Label Show White is a non-toxic whitener for your horse's socks and blazes.

NAF  - Event Grease

NAF Event Grease has been developed to provide premium protection for your horse while out on the cross country course. Highly effective, long lasting and water repellent

From: £13.50
NAF -  Brighter than White - 600g

NAF Brighter than White is one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ products in NAF’s grooming range. Brighter than White is for giving your horse those finishing touches to help them stand out in the ring

NAF - Make Your mark - Quarter Marking Spray - 300ml

This magnificent product will help you set unruly coats with eye catching quarter marks that last al da long with an even finish.

NAF - Oil it Well - 500ml

NAF Oil it Well is one of NAF’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ grooming products. Oil it Well uses a high quality oil to add definition to the eyes, muzzle, coat, legs and dock.

NAF - Paint it Black - Polish - 250ml

Paint it Black Polish Put your best hoof forward with this super shiny, quick drying paint-on hoof polish. For elegant hooves every time.

NAF - Paint it Clear -  Polish - 250ml

Paint it Clear Polish Put your best hoof forward with this super shiny, quick drying paint-on hoof polish. For elegant hooves every time.

NAF - Plait it Up - 500ml

NAF Plait it Up is one of NAF’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ grooming products. Plait it Up is designed to keep the plaits on our horse looking tight and pristine.

NAF - Shine On - Grooming Spray - 500ml

NAF Shine On Grooming Spray is suitable for those finishing touches before a meet. This spray is great for silking up coats, manes or tails to help get the horse noticed.

NAF- Razzle Dazzle Them Spray - 300ml

Catch the judge's eye with this luxury finishing spray for super showing horses and ponies.

Plaiting - Thread - Reel

Plaiting Thread Reel contains approximately 250m of thread. Ideal for securing mane and tail plaits in the showring

Plaiting - Thread - Single Card

15 metres of thread on a card. Ideal for plaiting your horse's mane and tail.

Plaiting Bands - Tub - 500 Bands

Plaiting bands are small rubber bands made to secure plaits in the horses mane or tail. Available in 3 colours to match the horses hair colour, the rubber bands are an essential part of any competition horses kit.

Supreme  - Professional - Detangle & Shine - 500ml

Helps to keep show manes and tails tangle free and lustrous throughout the season. This non-aerosol spray is also an excellent detangler for winter use

Supreme -  Heritage Collection - Mane & Tail Builder - 250ml

To help generate hair growth for damaged or rubbed manes and tails. Can be used to help promote hair growth on rubbed patches and to calm skin conditions.

Supreme -  Professional - Deluxe Coat Gloss

Produces the ultimate in coat finishes. It is specially designed and formulated to achieve perfection on show coats. Being light in texture, easy to apply

Supreme -  Professional - High Shine - Finishing Wipes - 100 pack

Supreme Products High Shine Finishing Wipes can be used around the eyes and muzzle, as well as on quarters and down the legs for a last minute 'spruce up'

Supreme - Heritage Collection - Coat Shine - 1 litre

Specially formulated for thicker or coarser coats, Heritage Collection Coat Shine will add a gleam and lay the coat. Contains Citronella for its beneficial antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Supreme - Heritage Collection - High Shine Serum - 250ml

Use Supreme Products High Shine Serum to add the finishing touches to the coat, quarters, mane and tail. Can be used on all coat types but particularly effective on Natives and Traditionals.

Supreme - Heritage Collection - Ultra Condition  - 500ml

Use Supreme Products Ultra-Condition to revitalise tired and brittle mane and tail hair. It can be used for deep conditioning and will prevent hair breakage and produce thicker and fuller manes and tails.

Supreme - Professional - Cover Magic

Can be used to cover marks and scars and stray white or light coloured hairs. It can also be used to blacken or darken legs and add definition. Spray from approximately ten inches away to cover stains and brush with a soft brush to disperse.

Supreme - Professional - Easy Plait  - 500ml

Helps produce perfect plaits every time and keep plaits looking neat and pristine, even when plaiting up the night before. Equally good on wet or dry manes and tails.

Supreme - Professional - Glistening Oil

A superior light grooming oil to add the final touch. Use to enhance and highlight your horse's best points. Creates a superb shine

From: £11.99
Supreme - Professional - Highlighter Gel - 200ml

Use to enhance eyes, nose and dock, for smoothing down plaits and forelock and for the addition of quarter marks.

Supreme - Professional - Highlighter Gloss - 100ml

Use to produce a sparkly finish and enhance your horse's natural pigment colour when additional preparations are not required or allowed. Lighter in texture than the gel,

Supreme - Professional - Make Up - Eye gloss  - 50gm

Use to darken round the eyes and muzzle as well as the legs. This product will add definition and shine to the face and will remain sparkly. Use sparingly.

Supreme - Professional - Matt Make Up - 50gm

Use to cover over marks, scars and unwanted light coat hairs. This can be used in conjunction with highlighter gloss, gel or glistening oil around the eyes and on the face to add definition and glamour.

Supreme - Professional - Moisturise & Conditioner - 500ml

Perfect for manes that are regularly plaited, hooded, dry or liable to get damaged. Spray on manes and tails regularly to moisturise and keep skin supple and to condition, protect and preserve valuable mane and tail hairs.

Supreme - Professional - Quarter Marking Spray - 250ml

Holds marks in place and make them stand out to give a professional finish for the show ring.

Supreme - Professional - Sparkle 400ml

A superior mane and tail dressing which produces body, glamour and shine. Can be used as an all over body extra effect. Contains citronella and a detangler

Supreme - Professional - Spray & Shine -  500ml

A fabulous coat dressing which adds an outstanding gleam to the coat. The coat must first be sealed with our professional coat gloss

Wahl -  Pocket Pet - Trimmer

A popular, battery operated, compact trimmer l for whisker and hair removal. The small blade, measuring just 22mm, is ideal for use around the face & ears or from the paws and legs.

Are you competing under rules - check of the FEI site of prohibited substances