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Senior - Dog Food

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Arden Grange - Adult - Light - Chicken & Rice

Adult: light with fresh chicken & rice. Lower in calories – ideal for over-weight dogs or those with a tendency to weight gain

From: £6.99
Arden Grange - Adult - Senior - Chicken & Rice

Balanced complete nutrition with correct levels of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins to support the dietary needs of the older dog

From: £8.99
Autarky -  Mature - Lite - Adult - Salmon Dog Food

Autarky Mature Lite Salmon has been formulated to include a host of beneficial ingredients and the combination of salmon, rice, herbs and vegetables will prove irresistible.

From: £4.99
Autarky - Mature - Lite - Chicken Dog Food

Mature Lite - Chicken the same wholesome, natural ingredients that we use in all of our Autarky recipes, providing your older dog with optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients with every bite

From: £4.00
Barking Heads - Fat Dog Slim  - Light - Adult Dog Food

In Fat Dog Slim, chicken is the single protein source and we have reduced the fat percentage and increased the deliciously nutritious low GI foods like brown rice

From: £10.99
Barking Heads - Golden Years  - Adult Dog Food

Golden Years has been specially formulated to suit the more mature pooch. Packed with 35% chicken and trout, they are easy-to-digest proteins and are great for joint protection and mobility

From: £10.99
Beta  - Adult Light -  with Turkey

Beta Light Dog Turkey. Dogs with a healthy appetite, despite living an active and curious life, can be prone to gaining some additional weight.

From: £6.25
Beta  - Senior -  with Chicken Dog Food

Beta Senior with Chicken is the food that can help your senior dog enjoy every moment whether it’s a trip to the shops, a walk in the woods or a fun trip to the beach.

From: £6.25
Burgess  - Light Adult  - Dog Rich in Chicken - 12.5kg

Burgess Light Dog Rich in Chicken is specially created for overweight adult dogs. It contains L-Carnitine to help reduce, and then maintain your pet’s weight at the correct level.

Burgess - Mature Dog  - Rich in Chicken -  12.5kg

Burgess Mature Dog Rich in Chicken helps ease the effects of ageing helping mobility, gum health and maintaining a healthy body.

Burns - Adult Dog - Sensitive with Duck and Brown Rice

Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown rice is a complete, hypo-allergenic dog food for adults over 6 months, including seniors. Also of use for dogs with certain diet related health problems.

From: £7.45
Burns - Weight Control - Chicken & Oats

Burns Weight Control+ is a complete, low fat, higher fibre food for all adult dogs and seniors. Made with whole grain oats that are high in soluble fibre.

From: £8.99
Chudleys - Lite  - Dog Food - 15kg

Chudleys Lite is a delicious combination of whole grains, chicken and vegetables that provides 10-15% fewer calories than other adult diets in the Chudleys range.

Chudleys - Senior - Dog Food

Chudleys Senior is a complete diet for all dogs as they reach old age and it can also be fed in advance of the onset of old age to help reduce the incidence of the signs of ageing.

From: £5.50
Forthglade -  Complete Meal - Chicken with Brown Rice & Vegetables - 395gm

Natural Lifestage is a complete wet pet food for dogs, but it can be used as an accompaniment to a good quality mixer biscuit, please adjust quantities accordingly.

From: £1.20
Heritage - Senior  - Light

A Complete Light food for all Adult & Senior Dogs. Rich in naturally preserved white ocean fish & whole grain rice

From: £6.59
Natures Menu - Dog - Light - Chicken & Rabbit 8 x 300gm pouches

Prepared from whole cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and rice. Natures Menu light pouches are made with a minimum 67% lean meat content and digestible meal for your pet that satifys hunger yet stay lower in fat content

Natures Menu - Dog - Senior -  Lamb 8 x 300gm

Lower in protein than our active adult varieties to suite a more senior life style. Natures Menu products are designed to deliver your pets’ requirements from naturally balanced raw materials.

Royal Canin -  Mini - Ageing 12+ - 1.5kg

Complete feed for dogs - For senior small breed dogs (adult weight up to 10 kg), Formula which supplies a selection of nutrients to support healthy ageing. Contains EPA-DHA and a patented complex of antioxidants.

Royal Canin - Mini  - Adult 8+

Royal Canin Mini Mature An adapted calorie content and L-carnitine help maintain ideal weight, Tartar reduction - Sodium polyphosphates help reduce the development of tartar, Suitable for all mini dogs over 8 years of age.

From: £10.50
Royal Canin - Mini - Adult - Light

Complete feed for dogs - For adult and mature small breed dogs (adult weight up to 10 kg) with a tendency to gain weight - Over 10 months old

From: £10.50
Royal Canin - X-Small  - Ageing +12 -  1.5kg

Formula which supplies a selection of nutrients to support ageing in healthy dogs. Renal function can decrease with age. X-SMALL AGEING +12 has been formulated with an adapted phosphorus content

Royal Canin - X-Small - Mature - 8+ - 1.5kg

Complete feed for dogs - For mature, very small breed dogs (weight up to 4 kg). Over 8 years old. The content of nutrients in this formula helps maintain vitality in very small breed dogs facing the first signs of ageing

Skinner's - Light & Senior

Suitable for older, less active or overweight dogs. Wheat gluten free diet, made from the natural goodness of chicken and rice.

From: £6.50
VetSpec - Complete - Senior Super Lite  - 12KG

VetSpec SuperLite® Senior Formula consists of a complex Veterinary Specification supplement within a CEREAL-GRAIN-FREE Super Premium dog food including 50% Chicken

VetSpec - Complete Dog - Super Lite - 12kg

VetSpec SuperLite® Low-Calorie Formula has all the benefits of the supplements in VetSpec Healthy Dog Adult Formula but is on a base food with 20% less calories if fed as directed.

Vitalin - Senior - Lite - Salmon & Potato - Dog Food

Vitalin Senior/Lite is a nutritionally complete balanced food in an extruded kibble, carefully formulated for senior and overweight dogs

From: £6.50
Vitalin - Sensitive - Lamb & Rice - Dog Food

Vitalin Sensitive Lamb & Rice Diet is a nutritionally complete balanced food in a small kibble, formulated for all dogs with sensitive digestion

From: £6.50