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Saracen - Horse Feeds

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Saracen -  Re-Covery Mash  - 20kg

Saracen Re-Covery Mash is highly palatable, versatile and convenient to use in many different situations.

Saracen -  Super Fibre Mix - 15kg

Saracen Fibre Mix is a long chop, dust free, alfalfa based recipe designed as a bran, sugar beet & chaff replacer for horses & ponies on box rest.

Saracen - Bio-Life 2000 - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Saracen Bio-Life Balancer is a suitable feed for every type of horse requiring a nutritionally balanced diet or underweight horses in need of extra condition.

Saracen - Competition Fit -  Mix - 20kg

Saracen Competition Fit Mix is for horses and ponies that require instant energy for speed and power based disciplines. This is an ideal food for horses with a limited appetite as it is so nutrient dense

Saracen - Competition Fit - Balancer - 20kg

Competition Fit Balancer is a highly nutritious, low intake performance balancer in the unique form of a mix, which includes a variety of micronised cereals, digestible super fibres and optimum levels of biotin, live yeast

Saracen - Competition Fit - Cubes - 20kg

Saracen Competition Fit Cubes are the ideal feed for horses and ponies that have a higher energy requirement than standard competition horses.

Saracen - Conditioning Cubes - 20kg

NEW Saracen Conditioning Cubes, a high fibre and oil ration that includes the incredibly effective EQUI-JEWEL®, a high-fat supplement which supports low feeding rates whilst supporting optimum condition and topline

Saracen - Conditioning Mix - 20kg

Saracen Conditioning Mix is suitable for horses & ponies requiring an energy dense feed which supports condition, muscle & topline development.

Saracen - Cooling Mix  - 20kg

Saracen Cooling Mix Plus Herbs is a non-heating formulation that is suitable for horses & ponies in light to medium work.

Saracen - Donkey Diet - 20kg

Saracen Donkey Diet is a great feed for managing the nutritional requirements of all donkeys, even those that are older, working, lactating & those that struggle to keep condition.

Saracen - Enduro-Peformance  - 20kg

Saracen Enduro-100 is a high oil, high fibre mix designed to meet the nutritional demands of horses taking part in high level dressage or endurance events.

Saracen - Equi-Jewel - 20 kg

Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets are a healthy way of adding concentrated calories into a horses diet without excessive cereal intake.

Saracen - Essential Balancer - 20kg

Saracen Essential Balancer is a suitable feed for all horses & ponies which require a low calorie, balanced ration. The feeding rate of the pellet is fairly low due to it being nutritionally dense.

Saracen - Gar-Lick - Horse - Vitamin & Mineral Lick - 10kg

Saracen Gar-Lick is a unique vitamin & mineral lick that not only fills in common nutrient deficiencies, it also provides a natural defence against insect & fly bites.

Saracen - KERx- Bio-Bloom - 2kg

Saracen KERx Bio-Bloom includes lecithin and its base of full fat soybean meal contains essential fatty acids and quality protein to produce a shiny coat and resilient hoof horn.

Saracen - Level Grow - Mix - 20kg

Saracen Level Grow Mix uses a unique blend of ingredients for alternative energy sources that produce a minimal glycemic response after digestion.

Saracen - Level Grow Pencils - 20kg

Saracen Level-Grow Pencils are ideally used as a foal creep feed but is also useful for backward foals, lactating mares, larger broodmares & maintain weanling's & yearlings up to three years old.

Saracen - Livery Mix  -20kg

SPECIAL ORDER - Saracen Livery Mix is a low energy feed designed for horses in light work, rest & those that require a high fibre low calorie diet.

Saracen - Mare Care - 20kg

Saracen Mare-Care is a great way of controlling body condition of mares throughout gestation by meeting their specific nutritional requirements.

Saracen - Pasture-Lick - 10kg

Saracen Pasture-Lick is a vitamin & mineral lick designed to balance out any nutrient deficiencies in the diet of a horse that is only fed forage.

Saracen - Race 13 - 20kg

Saracen Race 13 is a high energy sweet feed designed for hoses in full work to maintain condition or sprinters & flat bred runners.

Saracen - Racehorse Cubes - 20kg

Saracen Racehorse Cubes uses a wide range of energy sources to keep race horses in top shape & able to deliver their best performance.

Saracen - Re-Leve - 20kg

Saracen Re-Leve is a cereal free, low sugar, low starch performance feed that is especially useful for sensitive horses.

Saracen - Shape Up - Feed Balancer - 20 kg

Saracen Shape-Up Balancer is designed for horses & ponies that are overweight or predisposed to laminitis, good doers & native breeds.

Saracen - Show Improver Mix - 20kg

Saracen Show Improver Mix is a conditioning & weight gain mix to support optimum conditioning, muscle tone & topline development in show horses & ponies.

Saracen - Show Improver Pencils - 20kg

Saracen Show Improver Pencils are suitable for horses that need to gain some weight & conditioning, those preparing for the show ring & horses or ponies with a barley intolerance.

Saracen - Stamm30 - 20kg

Saracen Stamm 30 Balancer is designed for horses in work, mature horses that need more protein or fast growing foals to help control their weight gain & growth rates.

Saracen - Stud Prep 14 - 20kg

Saracen Stud Prep 14 is a nutritionally dense diet designed for sales preparation, showing & for mares during lactation.

Saracen - Super Fibre Pencils - 20kg

Saracen Super Fibre Pencils are a partial hay replacer ideal for any horse requiring a low starch, high fibre feed which may need a ration that is easier to chew & digest.

Saracen - Superioats - 20kg

SPECIAL ORDER - Saracen Superioats is a suitable feed for fussy feeders, poor doers or when their appetite limits required energy intake.

Saracen - Veteran Cubes - 20 kg

Saracen Veteran Cubes are a low starch, oat free diet suitable for horses & ponies over 16 years of age or younger horses in need of a lower energy diet.

Saracen - Veteran Mix - 20 kg

Saracen Veteran Mix is suitable for all Horse & Ponies over 16 years of age that require a low starch diet that is free from oats.

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