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Royal Canin - Cat Food




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Balanced and complete feed for adult cats, A unique combination of nutrients for healthy Skin and coat care and nutrition to support the skins barrier role.

Royal Canin  - Feline care Nutrition - Hairball care

The “Intense anti-hairball” exclusive complex helps eliminate twice as much hair by natural means (measured during moulting, compared to a control food not containing the “Intense anti-hairball” complex


The unique kibble s provide a tooth brushing effect which helps reduce plaque formation. Active components in the diet trap the calcium in saliva, and help prevent it from being deposited on the teeth in the form of tartar


Royal Canin Kitten 2nd Age is a complete kitten food that is ideal for kittens up to 12 months old. It enhances digestive security, supports growth and development and is suitable for all breeds.

Royal Canin  - Light 40 - Cat Food

Proven effectiveness when LIGHT 40 is used exclusively). L-carnitine aids the metabolism of fats. Balanced and complete feed for adult cats with a Tendency to gain weight


Specially for 1st age kittens (from 1 to 4 months old) during weaning - Gestating or nursing queens, Special easy weaning, Extra-strengthened digestive health

Royal Canin  - Persian 30 - Adult Cat Food

Balanced and complete feed for adult cats : Specially for Persian cats, Reveals the Persian cat's long and dense hair thanks to the Beauty Shine Complex which supports the skin's protective "barrier" role.

Royal Canin -  Siamese - Adult Cat Food

Royal Canin Siamese is a special feed designed for the unique nutritional challenges that Siamese cats face on a day to day basis.

Royal Canin - Adult Cat - Hairball Care

Royal Canin Hairball Care is an especially useful food for owners of long haired cats that tend to create a lot of hairballs.

Royal Canin - BabyCat - Milk - 300g

Royal Canin BabyCat Milk is a complete milk replacer feed to be fed from birth all the way to weaning. The scientifically formulated composition is as chemically close to a queen’s milk as possible,

Royal Canin - Feline care Nutrition - Digestive Comfort 38

Balanced and complete feed for adult cats, The unique texture and shape of the kibbles encourage the cat to chew. Thorough chewing reduces the risk of regurgitation and prepares the food for digestion.