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Red Mills - Dog Food




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Red Mills -  Engage - Beef

Red Mills Engage Beef is suitable for dogs in lighter work, or with lower energy needs. Engage Beef, with a high meat content, offers dogs all the necessary dietary requirements to maintain a good, healthy condition.

Red Mills -  Engage - Chicken

Red Mills Engage Chicken has been made from the highest quality chicken proteins, providing a highly active working dog with the nutrition they need.

Red Mills -  Engage - Duck & Rice

Red Mills Engage Duck & Rice is a hypoallergenic diet formulated to keep your dog ahead of the pack. This food has been designed for dogs in light work & those partaking in active lifestyles

Red Mills -  Engage - Mother & Puppy

Red Mills Engage Mother & Puppy is a rich & nutritionally dense formula designed to meet the huge nutritional requirements of gestating & lactating bitches.

Red Mills -  Engage - Salmon & Rice

Red Mills Engage Salmon & Rice is an excellent source of protein & Omega 3 fatty acids. The protein combined with easily digestible natural ingredients helps the dog stay in great condition

Red Mills -  Purebred Mixer - 15kg

Red Mills Purebred Mixer has been specially formulated to be fed with fresh meat or tinned dog food. Ideal for dogs who require a lower protein diet.

Red Mills - Racer Plus - Greyhound Food - 15kg

Red Mills Racer Plus is a high performance feed designed for the specialist nutrient requirements of stud dogs, brood bitches & racing dogs in training.

Red Mills - Tracker - Greyhound Food - 15kg

Red Mills Tracker is designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of racing dogs that are going through a resting period.

Red Mills - Worker - Dog Food - 15kg

Red Mills Worker is a blend of carefully selected ingredients, containing all the meat, cereals, fibre, calcium, oil and a full range of vitamins and minerals that your working dog needs for health and vitality.

Red Mills - Xcel - Greyhound Food - 15kg

Red Mills Xcel is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of actively growing pups, sapling & gestating or lactating bitches.