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Baileys  - No.22 - Prep-Ease  -20kg

Baileys No.22 Prep-Ease Mix. Baileys Prep-Ease is a reduced starch (18%), non-heating mix formulated to promote condition and meet the nutritional demands of growing youngstock, while encouraging a calm temperament.

Baileys - No 10 - Racehorse Mix - 20 kg

Baileys No.10 Racehorse Mix is a highly palatable energy dense mixture which is especially useful for improving recovery rates in horses that struggle in between training or hard working sessions.

Baileys - No 11 - Racehorse Cubes - 20 kg

Baileys No.11 Racehorse Cubes are an energy dense feed designed to be highly digestible & lower in starch than alternative feeds to reduce erratic behaviours & negate digestive upsets.

Baileys - Oat Balancer Mix - 20kg

Baileys Oat Balancer Mix is a high energy mix designed to be fed alongside oats, and scientifically formulated to counteract any nutrient deficiencies that may be found in them, whilst also providing additional calories.

Baileys - Prep Mix - 20kg

Baileys Prep Mix has been developed to match the nutritional requirements of young stock which are being prepared for the sales or show ring.

Cavalor - Action Mix  - 20kg

Cavalor Action Mix has been formulated for competition horses at light work (4 to 8 hours a week).

Cavalor - Action Pellet - 20kg

Cavalor Action Pellet is a premium quality racing pellet that is a complete diet for racing or hard working horses. It can be supplemented with grains (oats or barley

Dodson & Horrell - Racehorse Cubes - 20kg

Dodson & Horrell Racehorse Cubes for Flat and National Hunt racehorses.

Dodson & Horrell - Racepower Cubes -14% - 25kg

Lower starch racing cube recommended for horses in full training or in the early stages of training. SPECIAL ORDER

Gain - Racehorse Cubes - 25kg

Gain Racehorse Cubes can be fed as the only concentrate or in combination with Racehorse Coarse Mix. The mix of fibre, starch and oil provides the ideal energy supply for racing

Gain - Racehorse Mix - 20kg

Gain Racehorse Mix can be fed as the only concentrate or in combination with Racehorse Cubes. They are useful for shy feeders to encourage and maintain appetite

Gain - Sustain Plus Mix - 20kg

Powerful low protein formulation suitable for Racehorses, Eventers, Showjumpers, Endurance horses and Trotters. Concentrated energy from a combination of cereals, super-fibres and oils

Red Mills -  HiOil Cooked - Racehorse Mix 15% - 25kg

Red Mills HiOil Cooked Racehorse Mix 15% contains a unique molasses blend of steam cooked flakes (oats, maize, barley and soya beans), whole oats, balancer pellets, vegetable oil and garlic & herbs.

Red Mills - Equine Copper Top Up Cubes - 25kg

SPECIAL ORDER - Red Mills Copper Top Up Cubes have been designed to give a boost in dietary copper for horses that need it. Broodmares, young horses or those in hard work

Red Mills - Racehorse Cubes 14% - 25kg

Red Mills Racehorse Cubes is a high energy feed ensuring quick recovery from the stresses of racing and fast muscle conditioning during training.

Red Mills - Sweet feed - Racehorse Mix - 25kg

Red Mills Sweetfeed Racehorse Mix is a muesli diet which has been formulated to encourage fussy eaters to take in more food during stressful periods or illness.

Saracen - Race 13 - 20kg

Saracen Race 13 is a high energy sweet feed designed for hoses in full work to maintain condition or sprinters & flat bred runners.

Saracen - Racefit Cubes - 20kg

Saracen Racefit Cubes provide performance horses with a wide range of energy sources that are encased within a highly fermentable fibre & low starch formula.

Saracen - Racehorse Cubes - 20kg

Saracen Racehorse Cubes uses a wide range of energy sources to keep race horses in top shape & able to deliver their best performance.

Spillers - HDF - Oat Balancer Mix - 20kg

SPECIAL ORDER - Spillers HDF Oat Balancer Mix perfectly balances the diet of horses in hard work fed oats. It is a highly palatable mix that blends easily with oats to create a fully balanced diet.

Spillers - Prep Mix - 20kg

Spillers Prep Mix has been specifically formulated for thoroughbred’s sales preparation. This is a highly palatable mixture that includes a blend of rolled oats with steam flaked barley and maize

Spillers - Racehorse Cubes  -25kg

Spillers Racehorse Cubes are suitable for horses in hard work. Contains high quality cereals and soya oil for a concentrated energy source.

Spillers - Racing Mix & Naked Oats - 20kg

Spillers Racing Mix & Naked Oats are suitable for horses in hard work. Contains naked oats for a concentrated energy source.

TopSpec - Racehorse Cubes - 20kg

TopSpec Racehorse Cubes are a high energy cube including oats designed to be fed with an appropriate balancer e.g. TopSpec Racing feed balancer.

TopSpec - Racing Feed - Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Racing Feed Balancer is designed to provide nutritional support for optimum speed, stamina & recovery rates in working horses. This low starch feed is great for horses that need a specialist diet