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Pure Meadow Mash is a high fibre micro-pellet that soaks to form a soft, easy to chew mash. It is free from molasses and wholegrain cereals
Pure Feed Company Pure Condition is a fibre based feed designed with oil as the main energy source. This provides your horse with calm calories as it releases energy slowly into the body.
Pure Feed Company Fibre Balance is a great choice for feeding good doers. It contains a larger ration of high-quality balancer
Pure Feed Company Pure Easy provides slow-release energy for horses in work, but is low calorie so doesn’t encourage weight gain. It is high in fibre which promotes good hind gut health.
Pure Feed has a team of equine professionals dedicated to designing natural, nutritious and delicious horse feeds. Pure also have expert horse nutritionists available to speak to customers who need advice and information on what best to feed their horse.

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