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Poultry - Bedding

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Stockmax Pine Shavings are a versatile bedding solution that has a unique natural ability to kill many strains of bacteria & fungi whilst keeping animals safe.
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Developed in association with the British Hen Welfare Trust, Fresh Bed is designed to keep your hens feeling warm and cosy. Chopped, dust extracted straw bedding ideal for ex-bats in particular
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Low dust, absorbent bedding made from clean, recycled white wood fibre.
Fearns Pet Straw is dust extracted and made from the best straw to make a big, fluffy bed for your poultry or pets. The golden yellow straw is safe for all animals, even if it is ingested.
Premium Pure Kiln Dried Softwood Shavings, Dust extracted, Ethically produced from a sustainable Source
Pillow Wad barley straw - Only harvested by conventional combines which doesn’t break its natural length allowing small animals to easily burrow and nest.
Oil Seed Rape straw is fast becoming the bedding of choice for a lot customers both in the Equine world and poultry world. It is now readily available as a lot more farmers are growing the crop
It is now readily available as a lot more farmers are growing the crop due to market demand and high prices. It is a very soft bedding but remains highly absorbent and holds its structure well
Small flake natural wood shavings. Dust extracted. Ideal animal bedding.
From: £21.99
Stalosan F is an alternative and unique way to control bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, fly larvae, ammonia, moisture and bedding quality in animal housing.