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Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel uses one of the best known healing & soothing aids available, the aloe vera used is 100% concentrated. Ideal for use on insect bites, minor cuts or bruises
Barrier Event Grease is a useful protection mechanism for the chest, belly & shins as the horse skims over & knocks on obstacles.
Barrier White Ice, A lovely natural non-toxic, non-irritant gel for use after competition and overexertion.
Ice Blue Leg Cooler is a fast acting gel which soothes hot, tired or filled legs. It contains camphor, menthol arnica and witch hazel.
Equine America Like Ice works on contact to tighten and cool hot, tired legs after strenuous exercise. The 24-hour kaolin base cools the leg.
This effective 24-hour leg clay needs one application and can be used instead of tubbing, icing or hosing
Gold Label Muscle & Tendon Gel for Horses. A non-spill gel for external application to horses in a squeezable bottle. Contains natural menthol. Suitable for use under rules.
Gold Label Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel is cooling to the skin and soothes bruising and low swelling. It contains only natural ingredients and has a slow release gel base, ideal for both horses and ponies.
A truly unique product to assist the natural healing process include comfrey to aid the growth of new tissue, calendula for a natural source of pain relief
Keratex Cooling Gel is the perfect way to cool your horse's muscles, tendons and ligaments after exercise. It is also an effective way of preventing heat and inflammation in horses
A cooling aid with waterdrop technology for water-bonding on horses wet legs. Retains the cool down effect achieved by hosing down the legs, apply the gel to wet legs and it stays in place much like a cooling cuff.
Soothes inflammation and swelling, stimulates circulation, improves mobility. Heals and soothes the pain of bruising and sprains. Contains arnica and rosemary oil.
Clay earth makes for healthier horse legs. This special combination of clay and arnica is highly effective. Natural active substances and minerals regenerate, mobilize and activate for deep effect.
For application to all types of bruising resulting from injuries or knocks and for applications to swellings and tired and sore muscles.
Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica soothing gel for application to tired muscles and bruised skin.
A super cooling gel which cools and freshens your horse’s legs after hard work or strenuous exercise. Contains cooling agents designed to reduce body and muscle temperature.
NAF Cooling Wash is a unique no rinse formula that is a super easy way of getting all of that dust and sweat out of their hair without the need to rinse them off.
Ice Cool is a highly effective instant cooling clay containing a blend of natural clays, together with Witch Hazel & Arnica
Warming Wash. Wash sweat and winter grime right out of your horse’s hair with this no rinse body wash containing Ginger and Clary Sage to warm and cleanse your horse after exercise on cold winter days.
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Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation is an extra-strong spirit embrocation for the maintenance of a healthy bone structure for your horse's legs. It is ideal for use after strenuous exercise.
Apply sufficient Radiol M-R Muscle Embroaction to moisten the hair and massage gently around the source of pain. Repeat two or three times a day.