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Mollichaff - Horse Feeds & Haylage

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Mollichaff - Alfalfa Oil  - 15kg

Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil is made from pure alfalfa which provides a rich source of highly digestible fibre and high quality protein, mixed with a generous dressing of pure soya oil.

Mollichaff - Applechaff - 12.5kg

A high quality, appetising chaff with apple. Contains real diced apple pieces as well as apple essence to make Apple Chaff irresistible

Mollichaff - Barley Plus - 20kg

Barley Plus, Boiled Barley Nuggets with Linseed, Highly Digestible, Suitable for All Types of Horses & Ponies, Especially Useful for Building Up "Poor Doers", Natural Non-heating Feed.

Mollichaff - Calmer - 15kg

Mollichaff Calmer is a complete fibre feed that is ideal for nervous or excitable horses. It has elevated levels of magnesium, as well as chamomile, lemon balm and mint.

Mollichaff - Cherry Showshine - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Cherry Showshine is a high oil chaff with a unique soya oil and low sugar molasses coating. It has a delicious taste and smell of cherry

Mollichaff - Condition - 15kg

Mollichaff Condition is a highly digestible, high fibre, high oil and low starch blend which can be fed as a complete concentrate feed alongside good quality forage.

Mollichaff - Donkey - 18kg

Mollichaff Donkey is a highly palatable mix containing a balanced blend of dried grass, fibre pellets, oat straw, and soya oil with camomile, mint and lemon balm. It also contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement.

Mollichaff - Extra - 15kg

A high quality chaff combining wheat straw, a light dressing of molasses and a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Mollichaff - Herbal - 12.5kg

A high quality chaff made from the best oat straw with the addition of a variety of herbs found in the horse’s natural environment. Contains a balanced mixture of Garlic, Mint, Rosemary and Golden Rod.

Mollichaff - Hoof Kind - 12.5kg

A complete fibre-based concentrate feed designed for the nutritional support of horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Mollichaff - Original - 12.5kg

A high quality chaff combining straw and a light dressing of molasses with the addition of calcium. Made from the highest quality wheat straw – chopped and dust extracted.

Mollichaff - Veteran - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Veteran is a high fibre forage mix designed to complement the forage ration where necessary. It contains a balanced blend of dried grass, dried alfalfa and oat straw plus herbs.

Readigrass - Dried Grass - 15kg

Readigrass is a 100% natural grass feed, with all the goodness of rye grass pastures captured in every bag