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Burns  - Adult Dog  - Large & Giant Breed - Chicken & Brown Rice

Burns Large & Giant Breed food has been made specifically with larger breeds in mind, this complete diet contains controlled levels of protein and fat helping larger dogs maintain an ideal body weight.

Eukanuba  -  Labrador Retriever-  12kg

It is designed to help support the Labradors heart health, help burn fat to help control weight and help keep the joints healthy.

Pero - Low Calorie & Gluten Free - Salmon & Brown Rice - Adult - Dog Food

PERO Labrador Life is the original & best dog food formulated specifically for Labradors and Retrievers. Made from fresh salmon and whole brown rice with added glucosamine & chondroitin for healthy joints

Royal Canin -  Labrador Retriever  - 12kg

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever is a food designed to suit the nutritional needs of Labradors that are living relatively active lifestyles.

Royal Canin - German Shepherd 30 - Junior

German Shepherd dogs have fragile digestive systems, which may lead to soft stool and mal-absorption of the nutrients contained in their food.

Skinners-  Premier - Large Bite - 15kg

Skinner's Premier Large Bite is a premium quality complete food suitable for all adult breeds of dog and is made with easily digestible chicken and rice