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Heygates - Horse Feeds

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Heygates - Bruised / Rolled Oats - 20kg

The whole grains are cleaned then cooked and rolled. This process makes the energy from the grains more easily available to the horse's digestive system

Heygates - Conditioning Cubes - 20kg

Heygates Conditioning Cubes are a versatile ration for adding and keeping condition on all horse and ponies. A live yeast supplement is included to improve fibre digestion, mineral uptake, coat condition and body condition.

Heygates - Equi Balancer - Pellets  - 20kg

Heygates Equi Balancer is a low calorie, low starch feed balancer that is extremely dense in essential nutrients. Vitamin E & Biotin

Heygates - Horse & Pony - Conditioning Mix - 20kg

A palatable coarse mix with a similar specification to the Conditioning Cubes and with the same live yeast supplement.

Heygates - Horse & Pony - Twilight Mix - 20kg

Twilight Years is balanced for protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to supply the particular nutritional requirements of the older animal

Heygates - Horse & Pony Nuts  / Cubes - 20kg

A non heating high fibre ration based on fresh bran products from the Heygates flour mills fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Heygates - Stud Balancer - 20kg

Heygates Stud Balancer has been formulated to supplement the diets of stud horses, lactating mares, stallions, yearlings and foals over 3 months of age.

Heygates - Stud Mix - 20kg

Heygates Stud Mix is a lightly molassed coarse mixture built to the same specifications as the stud nuts. This is a high energy, high protein food for pregnant and lactating mares, foals, yearlings and stallions.

Heygates - Stud Nuts - 20kg

Heygates Stud Nuts is a high energy, high protein nut for pregnant and lactating mares, foals, yearlings and stallions.

Heygates - Traditional Blend Coarse Mix - 20kg

A non heating coarse ration suitable for horses in light to moderate work or as a light feed for resting horses. Raw materials are carefully selected and include traditional cooked flaked cereals for improved digestibility.

Heygates - Wheat Bran - 20 kg

Heygates horse feeds are based on fresh bran products from Heygates' own flour mills and are fortified with the ideal balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.