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Global Herbs - Fly Free

Global Herbs - Fly Free

Global Herbs - Fly Free

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Global Herbs Flyfree creates a protective shield around your horse that lasts all day. It deals with flies and helps with your horse's general skin condition.
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FlyFree is available in 1kg or 5kg sizes as you may want to get several horses on your yard using the product. Obviously once a few start using it the flies will head towards those horses that are left that smell a bit more attractive

  • Creates a protective shield around your horse that lasts all day
  • Deals with Flys
  • Helps with general skin condition
  • Helps keep breathing clear and soothes membranes in the nose eyes and mouth
contains Turmeric, Cedar tree, Garlic, Long Pepper

For an average horse use two level 25 ml scoops twice daily 

One of the main parts of FlyFree is Cedar; a plant that works to calm and soothe skin all over the body whilst 
creating an aroma that passes through the skin and all around your horse. This aroma makes horses much 
more comfortable and able to tolerate flying insects. FlyFree is also particularly useful for those manes and 
tail areas that get rubbed and lose their coat covering. Cedar gives the mix its characteristic smell and taste. 
The other herbs in the mix include several forms of tumeric and scurf pea, excellent plants for helping with 
redness and irritation. Introduce FlyFree very gradually into your horse’s diet so they can adjust to the strong 
Feeding instructions: 
(1 blue 25ml scoop in tub = approx 12g) 
.Small pony: 1 scoop twice daily. 
.Average 500kg horse: 2 scoops twice daily. 
.Large horse: 3 scoops twice daily. 
FlyFree should be introduced very gradually into the feed up to the rates recommended. Continue at  these rates for as long as required. The amounts given can be safely increased if advised and can be fed  throughout the year although it may be best to feed it for only 6 days a week rather than 7.
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