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Gain - Horse Feeds

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Gain - 12% Competition Mix - 20kg

Gain 12% Competition Mix is suitable for many scenarios from leisure to competition riding, pre-training of racehorses, wintering store horses

Gain - Cereal Balancer Pellets - 25kg

Gain Cereal Balancer Pellets is a high specification balancer designed to be mixed with oats and other cereals to make a complete feed.

Gain - Cool 'n' Easy Mix - 20kg

Gain Cool 'n' Easy is an excellent quality, medium energy, low protein muesli that is free from whole oats, therefore ideal for excitable horses and ponies.

Gain - Easy Go Cubes - 25kg

Gain Easy Go Cubes are a cool, low energy, high fibre, low protein mixture that suit excitable horses. They provide slow release energy

Gain - Elite 10 Cubes - 25kg

Gain Elite 10 Cubes are a low protein, high energy, high nutrient specification feed suitable for many categories of horses from those competing across various equestrian disciplines

Gain - Equestrian Cubes - 25kg

Gain Equestrian Cubes are a 12% protein feed with moderate energy levels. By the nature of them being a cube they are more fibrous in nature versus the Competition 12 Mix

Gain - Equine Cooked Mix - 14% - 20kg

Gain 14% Equine Cooked Mix contain high energy cooked flaked cereals that provide readily available energy for added sparkle.

Gain - Foal Pellets - 25kg

Gain Foal Pellets are nutrient dense pellets ideal for supplementing the diet of the very young foal. They are highly concentrated hence the feeding rates are very low

Gain - Freedom Cubes - 25kg

Freedom Cubes is a high oil, high fibre cube, suitable for horses requiring a low starch diet.

Gain - Freedom Mix - 20kg

Gain Freedom Mix is a high-oil, high-fibre, low-starch mix that helps to reduce digestive problems.

Gain - Hi Grade - Horse & Pony - Cubes - 25kg

Gain Hi Grade Horse & Pony are higher in energy and protein than most other horse and pony cubes.

Gain - Infinity  - Stabilised Rice Bran - 20kg

Gain Infinity Stabilised Rice Bran is a dense source of calories derived from a unique combination of fats. Only 226 g per day is needed

Gain - Opti-Care Feed Balancer - 20kg

Gain Opti-Care Balancer – non heating, nutrient rich, multi- purpose feed balancer (formerly Opti-Grow Pellets).

Gain - Prep n Condition Mix - 20kg

Gain Prep 'n' Condition Mix is a highly palatable coarse feed that helps to achieve maximum intakes and encourages fussy eaters. It's high energy blend of fibre, oils and cereals helps to support growth with condition.

Gain - Racehorse Cubes - 25kg

Gain Racehorse Cubes can be fed as the only concentrate or in combination with Racehorse Coarse Mix. The mix of fibre, starch and oil provides the ideal energy supply for racing

Gain - Racehorse Mix - 20kg

Gain Racehorse Mix can be fed as the only concentrate or in combination with Racehorse Cubes. They are useful for shy feeders to encourage and maintain appetite

Gain - Stud Care 32 - Balancer - 25kg

Gain Stud Care 32 Balancer is a premium stud balancer pellet designed for very low feeding rates. It can be fed solely to well-conditioned breeding stock

Gain - Stud Cubes - 25kg

Gain Stud Cubes are energy dense, highly digestible, palatable cubes ideal for maintaining condition. They provide concentrated nutrition when the foal growth restricts intake in late pregnancy.

Gain - Stud Mix - 20kg

Gain Stud Mix is similar in specification to the Stud Cubes, Stud Mix is suitable for all types of breeding stock from broodmares in pregnancy and lactation, stallions, foals, weanlings and yearlings.

Gain - Sustain Plus Mix - 20kg

Powerful low protein formulation suitable for Racehorses, Eventers, Showjumpers, Endurance horses and Trotters. Concentrated energy from a combination of cereals, super-fibres and oils

Gain - Yearling Cubes - 25kg

Gain Yearling Cubes are quality protein sources that provide the ideal amino acid balance for growth. Yearling Cubes are ideal for yearlings needing more condition.

Gain - Young Stock Mix - 20kg

Gain Young Stock Mix is a very palatable muesli containing highly digestible cereals, quality proteins and an excellent trace mineral and vitamin specification.

For further advice and guidance visit their website at  - http://www.gainequinenutrition.com/