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Fulmart - Horse Feeds

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Fullmart feeds - Chill Out - Maintenance Cubes - 20kg

Chill Out Maintain Cubes, a low calorie non-heating cube suitable for all horses and ponies at rest or with low energy requirements. SPECIAL ORDER

Fulmart Feeds - Chill Out - Alfalfa Chop - 15kg

Chill Out® Alfalfa Chop is high in calcium and good for growth and maintaining bone strength. Alfalfa has a high fibre content but has low starch and sugar levels.

Fulmart Feeds - Chill Out - Condition Cubes - 20kg

Chill Out Condition Cubes, A non-heating cereal grain free cube for horses and ponies that promotes condition without excitability.

Fulmart Feeds - Chill Out - Maintain Mix - 20kg

A palatable non-heating mix suitable for all those horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium exercise. SPECIAL ORDER

Fulmart Feeds - Equiblox - Original Block - Alfalfa - Hay Fibre Blocks-  12kg

Equiblox® Original are made using dried, pressed alfalfa, cut fresh from the field to help maintain great taste making it highly palatable and ideal for the fussy eater.

Fulmart Feeds- Equiblox - Hi Fibre Block - Hay - Fibre Blocks - 12kg

Hi-Fibre blocks are highly palatable but have low nutritional value making them the perfect treat or complementary feed. The low nutritional value of Equiblox Hi-Fibre blocks makes them ideal for good doers and laminitis sufferers.