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Barrier -  Citrus Wash

100% Natural, Low Lathering, no rinse, zesty body wash for the warmer months. Lingering aroma of pure concentrated Citronella Oil,

From: £7.99
Barrier -  Livestock - Louse Powder - 500g

Barrier Livestock Louse Powder utilises a safe carrier that does not cause any carcinogenic effects & it can be directly on all animals including cattle, horses, goats, rabbits & other smaller pets over 7 days old.

Barrier - Aloe Vera  - Soothing gel - 250ml

Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel uses one of the best known healing & soothing aids available, the aloe vera used is 100% concentrated. Ideal for use on insect bites, minor cuts or bruises

Barrier - Anti-itch - Soothing Shampoo

two-in-one shampoo and conditioner for all year round use and especially for summer use when excellent cleansing, conditioning and anti-itch properties are needed

From: £8.50
Barrier - Enhanced Formula - Fly Repellent Spray - 500ml

Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is an insect repellent for amateur use against Midge, Bot Fly and Horse Fly, by direct application to the skin of horses, ponies and other warm blooded animals (but avoiding the eyes)

Barrier - Parasite Repel - 500ml

Barrier Parasite Repel is designed especially for horses and other large animals that suffer from parasitic problems. It is a quick acting liquid formulation

Barrier - Pesky Pest - Wash

Barrier Pesky Pest Wash has been infused with avocado oil & silk proteins to help keep hair strong, healthy & smooth. The pest wash clears away nasties without stripping the coat of natural oils

From: £9.99
Barrier - Super Plus - Fly  Gel - 500ml

Barrier Hygiene Super Plus Fly Repellent Gel is an insect repellent for amateur use against flying insects such as midges, horse flies, house flies, face flies, stable flies and black flies on horses and ponies.

Barrier - Super Plus - Fly Repellent - Liquid

Super Plus Fly Repellent is your best form of defence against air borne attack. Designed to deter all those nasty flying insects.

From: £9.99
Battles - Louse Powder - 750gm

Battles Louse Powder is a ready-to-use permethrin based insecticidal powder of low mammalian toxicity combing rapid knockdown and kill with sustained residual activity

Battles - Summer - Fly Repellent Cream - 400gm

The ORIGINAL yellow cream. A soothing antibacterial fly repellent cream to aid in the management when fly strike and maggots are a problem.

Botanica - Anti Itch - Cream - 550ml

A concentrated blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moisturising cream. The fast acting cream helps to soothe and moisturise and it has an inbuilt natural insect repellent.

Botanica - Cleansing Wash

A unique combination of natural herbal ingredients, blended to make a soothing, antiseptic wash for both human and animal use.

From: £9.99
Carr, Day & Martin - Fly Gard - 600ml - Fly Repellent - Guard

Contains citronella oils for long lasting protection and added coat conditioners to promote a shiny coat. Provides safe, long-lasting protection during the summer months.

Carr, Day & Martin - Fly Gard - Extra Strength - 600ml - Fly Repellent / Guard

Powerful insect repellent. Repels midges and all flying and biting insects effectively.

Carr, Day & Martin - KillItch - 500ml

Licenced and proven to prevent and treat sweet itch in horses and ponies. Contains active ingredient benzyl benzoate in a soothing lotion. Repels the culicoides midge that causes sweet itch.

Carr, Day & Martin - Natural Insect Repellent - 600ml

Natural water-based formula containing citriodiol for safe, long-lasting protection. Contains Citriodiol, the only natural HSE approved ingredient. Ideal for times of high use.

Carr, Day & Martin - Protection Plus - Anti-bacterial Salve -  500ml

A thick pink grease that acts as a natural barrier. Contains an added antibacterial agent and the added benefit of natural citronella

Deosect - Spray Concentrate - 1 Litre

Legal Category POM-VPS We are legally obliged to gather information before we can sell this item, and we require you to answer the questions below.

Deosect - Spray Concentrate - 250ml

Legal Category POM-VPS We are legally obliged to gather information before we can sell this item, and we require you to answer the questions below.

Dermoline - Insect  Shampoo For Horses

An insecticide shampoo for cleansing the skin and coat of horses. A powerful insecticide shampoo for the treatment of lice infestation, ideal for routine coat care and when the risk of lice infestation is increased.

From: £8.99
Dermoline - Sweet Itch Lotion - 500ml (AVM-GSL)

Soothing protective insecticidal lotion to alleviate and prevent sweet itch

Dodson & Horrell  - Itch Free

Itch-Free is a carefully blended herb mix containing Chamomile, Burdock Root, Garlic Granules and Nettle

From: £13.50
Elico - Full Face -  Fly mask

A full face, fine mesh fly mask complete with ears and nose extension to help protect against flies and midges.

Farnam-  Tri-Tec - 14 Insecticide

Fly killer containing cypermethrin ingredient and yet has a very pleasant perfume. Packing a punch against the horse's number one enemy: flies and all other seasonal pests. HSE licence no: 9215.

From: £39.99
Global Herbs - Fly Free

Global Herbs Flyfree creates a protective shield around your horse that lasts all day. It deals with flies and helps with your horse's general skin condition.

From: £25.00
Global Herbs - Skratch

Global Herbs Skratch is a popular product amongst owners of horses that have sensitive skin & get skin worries during the summer.

Gold Label - Diatomaceous Earth - Get Rid Powder - 350g

A completely organic powder that rids lice and fleas from horses. Consists of microscopic algae which physically penetrates the outer layer of crawling insects.

Gold Label - Flygon Gel - 250g

Quick acting gel, suitable for use around wounds and close to the eyes and nostrils. Leaves a protective, short-acting, repellent film

Gold Label - Flygon LA Spray - 500ml

Gold Label Flygon is a long acting repellent that leaves your horse's coat shiny. This insect repellent is in a special long acting base

Gold Label - Itchgon Lotion - 500ml

A soothing natural application containing blended Neem Oil.Use to soothe scurfy skin especially in the summer months in the presence of irritation caused by insects. Fantastic product for sweet itch

Gold Label - Liquid Garlic - 1Litre

Contains the finest pure garlic blended with natural linseed oil. Helps to maintain healthy circulation and respiration.

Horslyx - Garlic - Horse  Lick

Garlic Horslyx contains optimum amounts of pure dried garlic granules together with the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package

From: £3.85
Kevin Bacons - Active Soap Bar

Ah, the summer and its procession of insects that do not stop harassing our friends horses. By studying their lifestyles, we found a very natural solution to eradicate them: a plant oil soap

Leovet - Bio Skin Oil - 500ml

The optimal care in summer for skin irritations and sweet itch. Marigold, carrot and St. John's wort restore attacked skin areas. Bio-sulphurous fluid soothes bothersome itching and rubbing tendencies.

Leovet - Fly-be-gone  - 500ml

Contains natural insect repellents to increase effectiveness, homogenised and actively mixed. High performance emulsion with plant-based active substances only.

Leovet - No Rub - 500ml

Effective against dandruff and itchy manes and tails. No-Rub frees from dandruff and makes itchiness disappear, thereby preventing frayed manes and tails, bald tail roots and short, unsightly manes.

Leovet - Power Phaser - Durativ - Fly Repellent - Gel - 500ml

The ultimate in fly protection! The new power in insect defence. Works against horseflies, ticks and all biting and non-biting flies.

Leovet-  Power Phaser - Fly Repellent - Spray

The ultimate in fly protection! The new power in insect defence. Works against horseflies, ticks and all biting and non-biting flies.

From: £14.50
Lincoln -  Antibacterial - Green Oil Gel - 400ml

A soothing water resistant antibacterial barrier for protecting minor cuts and abrasions. Containing the powerful fly repellent DEET

Lincoln -  Itchy Switchy -  S.O.S Shampoo

More than just a shampoo! An ‘anti-rub’ cleanser formulated for use regularly from March through to November, or whenever Midges first appear.

Lincoln - Classic - Fly Repellent Liquid -  1 litre

Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent is a powerful, long lasting dual action formula. It contains DEET and the new generation fly repellent PMD.

Lincoln - Ditch The Itch  - 1 Litre

An effective midge repellent for sweet itch susceptible horses. Based on a concept used by native African tribesmen this product will offer extended cover.

Lincoln - Fly Repellent - Roll On - 50ml

Lincoln Fly Repellent Roll On effective fly repellents. A water based formula with additional moisturising

Lincoln - Grooming Block

Lincoln Grooming Block is ideal for removing loose hair, dried mud and bot eggs.

NAF  - Love The Skin He's In - Skin Spray - 750ml

Gently mist love the SKIN he’s in Skin Spray over irritated areas of flaky skin, lumps, bumps and rashes, to soothe and comfort and help to reduce the itching sensation.

NAF -  Love The Skin He's In Skin -  Wash - 1 Litre

This totally natural skin wash offers the premium skin care your horse’s skin deserves. Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash is a gentle unique blend of herbal ingredients

NAF - Love the skin he is in - D-Itch - Ointment - 600gm

A soothing creamy, gel to help comfort areas of broken, irritated skin and repel further attack from flies and midges.

NAF Off - Citronella - Fly Gel - 750gm

Long lasting, effective Citronella gel for summer coats. Use a small amount of gel daily to keep flies away

NAF Off - Citronella - Fly Spray

Long lasting, effective Citronella spray for summer coats. For effective repellent fly use- use daily to keep flies at bay

From: £4.75
NAF off - DEET Power - Fly Gel - 750gm

NAF Off Deet Power Fly Gel offers all day protection against flies and insect menace. This powerful spray formula repels flies and insects including Horse Flies giving your horse all day relief from insect menace.

NAF Off - DEET Power - Fly Spray

NAF Off Deet Power Fly Spray offers all day protection against flies and insect menace. This powerful spray formula repels flies and insects including Horse Flies giving your horse all day relief from insect menace.

From: £5.50
NAF Off - Extra Effect - Fly Gel - 750gm

NAF Off Extra Effect Equine Fly Repellent gel is a powerful, naturally effective spray providing relief from irritation from biting insects. This fly gel will help deter biting insects, flies and midges

NAF Off - Extra Effect - Fly Spray

NAF Off Extra Effect Equine Fly Repellent Spray is a powerful, naturally effective spray providing relief from irritation from biting insects. This fly spray will help deter biting insects, flies and midges

From: £4.66
Net-Tex - Louse Powder - (Shaker Pack) - 350g

Net-Tex Louse Powder for amateur use has been formulated to be especially effective against lice and fleas but will also kill most crawling and flying insects such as silverfish, beetles, ants and wasps.

Nettex - Equine Feather Mite Powder - 200gm - OFFER

Feather mite can be really distressing this is an effective treatment in a manageable squeezable puff bottle for direct application to hard to reach affected areas.

Nettex - Fly Repellent -  Wipes - 50 wipes

50 hand sized wipes impregnated with a well researched, highly effective, long lasting fly repellent solution.

Nettex - Itch Stop - Salve Complete

Itch Stop Salve Complete is a unique application that requires just ONE APPLICATION PER WEEK! Containing DEET and tea tree oil

From: £8.99
Nettex-  Fly Repellent - Advanced Spray

Fly Repellent Advanced offers protection against flying insects in excess of three days with just ONE application

From: £5.99
Phytopet - Mixed Pollens - Homeopathic Pills

A mixture of remedies for allergy support

Shires - Pony - Fine Mesh - Full face - fly mask with nose

A fine mesh fly veil made by Shires Good length adjustable velcro strap and fleece trim along the seams ensures a snug fit and lifts the mask clear from the eyes

SOA -  + Itch be Gone - Soap Bar

Stops the itching and rubbing cycle associated with insect bites, skin disorders, allergic reactions and other irritations.

Thomas Pettifer - Sw'itch - 500ml

A soothing emulsion containing hydroxynbenzoate for horses suffering from the effects of insect bites.

Tick Twister -  (2 Pack)

The Tick Twister is one of the best and safest ways to remove ticks without leaving the mouthparts of the tick planted in the skin - without the use of chemicals.

Z-Itch - 250ml

Z-itch, a new product designed to help control sweet itch, to help owners start their prevention regime before the start of the summer

A range of treatments to help repel midges, to clean the coat and to sooth the itch.  There are a large variety of products to choose from.  Sweet Itch is best treated early in the season before the symptoms appear.  If you animals show signs of sweet itch it is always best to consult your vet before deciding upon a treatment.