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First Aid Products

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Barrier -  Sheath Cleanser - 250ml

Barrier Sheath Cleanser gently softens & loosens hard smegma by using mild vegetable suractants & the purest lanolin.

Barrier - Aloe Vera  - Soothing gel - 250ml

Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel uses one of the best known healing & soothing aids available, the aloe vera used is 100% concentrated. Ideal for use on insect bites, minor cuts or bruises

Barrier - Anti bacterial - Skin Spray - 200ml

Barrier Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray was originally destined for the equine range but has become exceptionally useful in treating a wide range of animals.

Battles - Udder Cream

Battles Udder Cream is ideal for helping to prevent chaps and minor sores, and can also be used on minor cuts and grazes

From: £6.99
Botanica - Anti Itch - Cream - 550ml

A concentrated blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moisturising cream. The fast acting cream helps to soothe and moisturise and it has an inbuilt natural insect repellent.

Botanica - Natural Herbal - Cream

A unique blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moisturising cream. Beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions, such as cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, cracked heels and girth scald. I

From: £11.99
Carr, Day & Martin - Protection Plus - Anti-bacterial Salve -  500ml

A thick pink grease that acts as a natural barrier. Contains an added antibacterial agent and the added benefit of natural citronella

Derma  Gel - Wound Hydrogel - 100ml

Veterinus Derma Gel ensures a barrier of protection against bacterial attack, contaminants, maintaining an ideal healing environment.

Effol - Dragon's Blood - Film Plaster - 250ml

The innovative formula provides an external breathable hygienic film which protects the wound against environmental germs such as dirt, urine and sweat

Effol - Mouth Butter - 150gm

Effol Mouth Butter is ideal for increasing your horse's contentment and riding quality by stimulating the horse's chewing activity when wearing a bit.

Equi Life - TLC - Frog Supports - Pair

Pair of resilient cushioning frog supports. Simply bandage to the feet of laminitis and founder cases to provide instant relief

Gold Label - Vapor - 500ml

An aid to breathing in horses with respiratory infections. To be sprayed liberally in the atmosphere around the horse in either the stable or transporter.

Hilton Herbs - Mud Defender - Lotion

Pleasant smelling, gentle lotion. Contains plant extracts, infused and essential oils and Propolis with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties,

From: £12.50
Hilton Herbs - Witch Hazel - Liquid

This cooling, soothing and astringent liquid is safe to use neat for bathing minor wounds and abrasions.

From: £5.25
Leovet - Bio Skin Oil - 500ml

The optimal care in summer for skin irritations and sweet itch. Marigold, carrot and St. John's wort restore attacked skin areas. Bio-sulphurous fluid soothes bothersome itching and rubbing tendencies.

Leovet - No Rub - 500ml

Effective against dandruff and itchy manes and tails. No-Rub frees from dandruff and makes itchiness disappear, thereby preventing frayed manes and tails, bald tail roots and short, unsightly manes.

Leovet - Propolis Gel - 500ml

Propolis Gel Protects the skin in critical areas, good for hard cases. Application of Propolis Gel is helpful for girth and saddle areas having to endure saddle and cinch pressure, and also good on the chest and legs.

Lincoln -  Antibacterial - Green Oil Gel - 400ml

A soothing water resistant antibacterial barrier for protecting minor cuts and abrasions. Containing the powerful fly repellent DEET

Lincoln -  Arnica Cream - 400gm

For application to all types of bruising resulting from injuries or knocks and for applications to swellings and tired and sore muscles.

Lincoln -  Silver - Wound Cream - 200gm

A soothing anti-bacterial cream containing an effective silver complex. Will soothe and aid the natural healing process. Ideal for minor skin problems.

Lincoln - Equocrem

Lincoln Equocrem is a Zinc Oxide based Cream, enhanced with Benzyl Benzoate & Lavender Oil to relieve minor wounds, abrasions, sunburn and itchy, dry or irritated skin

From: £7.99
Lincoln - Witch Hazel and Arnica Gel - 400gm

Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica soothing gel for application to tired muscles and bruised skin.

NAF  - Love The Skin He's In - Skin Spray - 750ml

Gently mist love the SKIN he’s in Skin Spray over irritated areas of flaky skin, lumps, bumps and rashes, to soothe and comfort and help to reduce the itching sensation.

NAF -  Love The Skin He's In Skin -  Wash - 1 Litre

This totally natural skin wash offers the premium skin care your horse’s skin deserves. Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash is a gentle unique blend of herbal ingredients

NAF - Love the skin he is in - Mud Guard - Barrier Cream - 1.25kg

Protect your horse's skin when exposed to wet and mud, with this rich, nourishing barrier cream.

NAF - Love The Skin He's In - Skin Salve - 750g

Soothe and comfort itchy, irritated areas of skin with this light water based salve. Contains MSM and Aloe Vera to soothe flaky areas, rashes and minor abrasions

NAF - Naturalintx - Wound Cream - 50gm

NAF Wound Cream is a natural first aid ointment for the application to minor cuts and grazes

NAF - Sheath Cleanse - 500ml

Sheath Cleanse contains gentle cleansing agents made from pure lanolin and castor oil to soften and clean away smegma build-up, dirt and grime

Nettex - Veterinary - Surgical Scrub -  500ml

This is an exceptionally high quality liquid soap containing a proven bactericide and fungicide.

Phytopet - Mixed Pollens - Homeopathic Pills

A mixture of remedies for allergy support

Radiol - BR - Anti-bacterial Jelly

A soothing anti-bacterial jelly for minor wounds & scratches.

Thermometer - Digital

A rapid easily read and accurate reading of the temperature of all animals

Trilanco - Lubricant Gel

A lubricant for internal and veterinary practices. Non-drying formulation for all farm animals. Spermicide free.

From: £2.50
Trilanco - Strong Veterinary Iodine - 10%

For minor wound care use on the farm. Supplied ready to use. Apply to areas such as navels of newborn lambs and calves and other external areas to manage infections. Contains 10% iodine in an alcohol base.

From: £9.99
Trilanco - Surgical Spirit - 500ml

For skin preparation before treatment. Apply with a clean cloth or cotton wool to clean surface of the skin as required. Contains methyl salicylate on an alcohol base.

Triscrub - Antimicrobial - Skin Cleanser & Surgical Scrub - Chlorhexidine

A triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oils and chlorhexidine for use as a skin cleanser or surgical scrub

From: £5.75
Vetalintex - Sterile - Hydrogel

A clear dressing specifically formulated for use in wound management.

From: £3.10
Wahl - Easy - Ear Cleaner - 500ml

Active ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel and Menthol to soothe the ear and cool irritation, plus Camphor and Eucalyptus to discourage ear mites and fleas