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First Aid Creams & Sprays

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Aluspray - Vetoquinol -  210ml

Forms a waterproof aluminium barrier for wounds and sensitive skin making it ideal for use after castration and dehorning.

Aqueos - Spray on Plaster - 200ml

Protects minor cuts and grazes from water, dirt and bacteria. Film forming silver aluminium micronized spray Bandage like protection. Reduces the risk of infection.

Barrier -  Sheath Cleanser - 250ml

Barrier Sheath Cleanser gently softens & loosens hard smegma by using mild vegetable suractants & the purest lanolin.

Barrier - Aloe Vera  - Soothing gel - 250ml

Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel uses one of the best known healing & soothing aids available, the aloe vera used is 100% concentrated. Ideal for use on insect bites, minor cuts or bruises

Barrier - Anti bacterial Skin Spray - 200ml

Barrier Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray was originally destined for the equine range but has become exceptionally useful in treating a wide range of animals.

Battles - Iodine Spray - 1 Litre

Iodine Spray is suitable for animals and birds. A handy spray container of veterinary iodine solution. A general purpose skin disinfectant for use in the management of all livestock

Battles - Iodine Spray - 500ml

Iodine Spray is suitable for animals and birds. A handy spray container of veterinary iodine solution. A general purpose skin disinfectant for use in the management of all livestock

Battles - Udder Cream

Battles Udder Cream is ideal for helping to prevent chaps and minor sores, and can also be used on minor cuts and grazes

Carr, Day & Martin - Protection Plus - Anti-bacterial Salve -  500ml

A thick pink grease that acts as a natural barrier. Contains an added antibacterial agent and the added benefit of natural citronella

Cut Heal - Aerosol - Wound Spray - 113g

Cut Heal Aerosol Wound Spray is a convenient aerosol that contains healing agents as the ointment. It is an easy spray on application and comes in a 113g container.

Derma - Gel - Wound Hydrogel 100ml

Veterinus Derma Gel ensures a barrier of protection against bacterial attack, contaminants, maintaining an ideal healing environment.

Dermoline - Soothing Wound Cream - 240g

Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream Contains key essential oils in a non-greasy water based cream- Tea Tree Oil for its anti-bacterial properties and Zinc Oxide,

Equimins  - Epsom Salts - 1.5kg

Renowned for making a good soak for abscesses.

Equimins  -Sheath Cleanser - 250ml

A very gentle natural coconut formula to help soften and clean away sharp smegma from the sheath

Equimins - Aloe Vera Gel

A soothing gel for skin disorders. It can aid natural recovery from minor grazes and sunburn. This gel is useful for almost any skin irritation that needs soothing.

Equimins - MSM Cream

A soothing anti bacterial cream, combining all the benefits of MSM, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Castor Oil and essential oils of Tea tree, Lavender, Chamomile and Jojoba to help soothe minor skin conditions.

Equimins - Purple Spray 250ml

A quiet pump spray for minor cuts and grazes containing methyl violet, aloe vera and isopropanol.

Equimins - Total Care Wound Gel 100ml

This totally unique sterile gel consists of a number of active ingredients to reduce inflammation, fight infection and encourage cell growth

Equimins - Wound Powder 125g

A blood coagulant and a dressing for use on minor wounds.

Global Herbs - Itch & Bite Cream - 200g

Global Herbs Itch & Bite Cream is a traditional, quick acting cream for spots of itching skin on your horse. Itch & Bite Cream is a natural herbal formula

Global Herbs - Sarc-Ex Lotion - 185g

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex Lotion has been tried & tested over the past 10 years to provide a unique nutritional approach to horses with mysterious skin concerns.

Gold Label  - Epsom Salts - 2.5kg

Renowned for making a good soak for abscesses.

Gold Label - Bit Butter - 100g

Softens mouth corners, replenishes moisture and restores feeling. Apply daily, especially before riding. Contents include shea butter and peppermint.

Gold label - Iodine Disinfectant Solution 250ml

A safe application that contains non-toxic povidone iodine. To be applied near the affected parts two or three times a day.

Gold Label - Purple Spray - 250ml

Gold Label Purple Spray is a very popular purple application using a improved formulation with anti-bacterial Chlorhexidine.

Hilton Herbs - Mud Defender - Lotion

Pleasant smelling, gentle lotion. Contains plant extracts, infused and essential oils and Propolis with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties,

Hilton Herbs - Witch Hazel Liquid

This cooling, soothing and astringent liquid is safe to use neat for bathing minor wounds and abrasions.

Hypocare -Skin Care - For Pets & Equine -  250ml

Hypocare is a revolution in infection control. It is a topical application that mirrors the body’s own immune system. Naturally working with the body, it will kill all bacterial, viral and fungal infections on contact.

Intrasite Gel  - Wound gel Applipak

An amorphous hydrogel which promotes rapid but gentle debridement of necrotic tissue, whilst being able to loosen and absorb slough and exudate

Keratex - Medicated Hoof & Leg Scrub - 300ml

A gentle but powerful foaming scrub to keep hooves and legs in top condition. Formulated using special revolutionary anti-microbial Byotrol technology

Leovet - Bio Skin Oil - 500ml

The optimal care in summer for skin irritations and sweet itch. Marigold, carrot and St. John's wort restore attacked skin areas. Bio-sulphurous fluid soothes bothersome itching and rubbing tendencies.

Leovet - No Rub - 500ml

Effective against dandruff and itchy manes and tails. No-Rub frees from dandruff and makes itchiness disappear, thereby preventing frayed manes and tails, bald tail roots and short, unsightly manes.

Leovet - Propolis Gel - 500ml

Propolis Gel Protects the skin in critical areas, good for hard cases. Application of Propolis Gel is helpful for girth and saddle areas having to endure saddle and cinch pressure, and also good on the chest and legs.

Leovet - Silver Ointment - 150ml

Contains colloidal silver. Silver Ointment contains pure silver which, by way of the enlarged surface area, leads to continuous release of silver ions.

Leucillin - First Aid Spray

A revolutionary anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal spray, suitable for use on all mammalian animals.

Lincoln -  Antibacterial - Green Oil Gel - 400ml

A soothing water resistant antibacterial barrier for protecting minor cuts and abrasions. Containing the powerful fly repellent DEET

Lincoln - Witch Hazel and Arnica Gel - 400gm

Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica soothing gel for application to tired muscles and bruised skin.

NAF  - Love The Skin He's In - Skin Spray - 750ml

Gently mist love the SKIN he’s in Skin Spray over irritated areas of flaky skin, lumps, bumps and rashes, to soothe and comfort and help to reduce the itching sensation.

NAF -  Love The Skin He's In Skin -  Wash - 1 Litre

This totally natural skin wash offers the premium skin care your horse’s skin deserves. Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash is a gentle unique blend of herbal ingredients

NAF - Aloe Vera Spray - Purple - 240ml

A gentle non aerosol spray to support the natural healing of broken or chaffed skin, minor cuts and abrasions. Also helps to discourage flies from open wounds.

NAF - Arnica Gel

A soothing gel for minor sprains and strains. Contains MSM and cooling Witch Hazel

NAF - EquiCleanse - 500ml

A naturally based using Grapefruit extract, extremely effective wound management cleanser, safe to use undiluted and proven to kill 99.9% bacteria.

NAF - Love the skin he is in - Mud Guard - Barrier Cream - 1.25kg

Protect your horse's skin when exposed to wet and mud, with this rich, nourishing barrier cream.

NAF - Love The Skin He's In - Skin Salve - 750g

Soothe and comfort itchy, irritated areas of skin with this light water based salve. Contains MSM and Aloe Vera to soothe flaky areas, rashes and minor abrasions

NAF - Love the Skin He’s in - Skin Wash - 2 Litre

NAF Love the Skin He’s in Skin Wash is a totally natural skin wash offers the premium skin care your horse’s skin deserves. Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash is a gentle unique blend of herbal ingredients,

NAF - MSM Ointment - 250g

A lanolin based moisturising cream rich in MSM to support natural healing of minor wounds and abrasions. Can be safely used on broken and chafed skin.

NAF - Naturalintx Wound Cream 50gm

NAF Wound Cream is a natural first aid ointment for the application to minor cuts and grazes

Nettex - Hydrogen Peroxide - 6% 500ml

hydrogen peroxide cleaning and dressing agent for multiple uses from hoof problems to general cleaning

Nettex - Iodine - Pump Spray - 500ml

Spirit based, superior quality iodine. For a variety of uses from cleaning skin prior to procedures to application around wounds

Nettex - Septi Clense - Clear Wound Spray - 300ml

Controls and inhibits possible challenge from airbourne and or contact germs, resulting from minor external wounds, grazes or skin punctures

Nettex - Surgical Spirit 500ml

For a range of problems from drying out the hoof to hardening the skin and pads

Nettex - Umbilical Spray

For umbilical cords in newly born livestock that has a combination of instant cleansing and broadspectrum disinfectant

Nettex - Veterinary Surgical Scrub -  500ml

This is an exceptionally high quality liquid soap containing a proven bactericide and fungicide.

Phytopet  - Aloe Vera Wound Spray 250ml

A must for Stable, Farm and Home. Soothing skin spray. Containing Aloe Vera, Calendula and Myrrh.

Phytopet - Mixed Pollens - Homeopathic Pills

A mixture of remedies for allergy support

Radiol - B-R Bone Embrocation

Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation is an extra-strong spirit embrocation for the maintenance of a healthy bone structure for your horse's legs. It is ideal for use after strenuous exercise.

Radiol - BR - Anti-bacterial Jelly

A soothing anti-bacterial jelly for minor wounds & scratches.

Renasan - Equine Antiseptic Spray - 750ml

Renasan Equine Antiseptic Spray is a revolutionary, clinically proven antiseptic spray Highly effective in killing the pathogens associated with the treatment of Mud Fever, Sweet Itch, Ringworm, Rain Rot, Mange, Scald, Thrush, Cuts, Grazes etc.

Renasan - First Aid Spray - 100ml

RenaSan First Aid Spray is a revolutionary, clinically proven, antiseptic spray. RenaSan kills all types of harmful pathogens and is antibacterial, antifungal and sporicidal.

Renasan - First Aid Spray - Hypochlorous Spray - 250ml

RenaSan First Aid Spray is a revolutionary, clinically proven, antiseptic spray utilising Hypochlorous, the naturally occurring biocide found in all mammalian immune systems.

Stableline  - Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream

A natural, soothing tea tree - herbal cream that can help ease symptoms of sunburn and most skin irritations.

Stableline  -Aloe Vera Gel

A soothing natural antibacterial and anti-fungal gel for skin disorders. Protects and aids natural recovery from minor cuts, sores and burns.

Stableline - Arnica Cream

A traditional herbal cream that utilises the natural power of arnica to help maintain the recovery from bruising and inflammation.

Stableline - Cetrimide Cream 1kg

A soft white cream used for cleansing, disinfecting and moisturising the skin

Stableline - Insect Bite Soother Cream

Soothes and eases discomfort, giving natural relief from insect bites, with tea tree and marigold plus other essential oils.

Stableline - Itch Relief Cream

A soothing, moisturising cream containing a blend of pure essential oils known for their natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, to calm and ease discomfort.

Stableline - Leg Guard Powder - 500gm

A water resistant disinfectant powder to assist in protecting horse's legs in wet and muddy conditions. Apply daily to clean, dry legs.

Stableline - Sulphur & Rosemary Cream

A highly effective natural healing and antiseptic cream for use with general skin conditions of animals.

Stableline - Wound Cream 100gm

This antibacterial cream will help to soothe minor cuts, grazes and sores. Also useful against insect bites and stings.

Trilanco  - Epsom Salts

Renowned for making a good soak for abscesses.

Triscrub - Antimicrobial - Skin Cleanser & Surgical Scrub - Wipes 100pack

A triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oils and chlorhexidine for use as a skin cleanser or surgical scrub

Triscrub - Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser & Surgical Scrub - Chlorhexidine

A triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oils and chlorhexidine for use as a skin cleanser or surgical scrub

Vet-Way - Vet Cleanse - Agri Scrub - Chlorhexidine

A broad spectrum antiseptic surgical scrub with antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Used for the cleaning and disinfection of wounds and skin.

Vetalintex - Sterile Hydrogel

A clear dressing specifically formulated for use in wound management.

Vetericyn - Wound & Infection / Skin Care 250ml

Vetericyn animal wound & skin care products are innovative solutions that are safe, effective and easy to use on whatever wound or irritation your pet encounters.

Virkon S - Disinfectant Tablets - 50 x 5g Tablets

Virkon S Disinfectant Tablets are a broad spectrum disinfectant that works against viral, bacterial and fungal disease causing organisms.