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Feed Balancers - Horse Feeds

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Baileys - No 14 - Lo-Cal - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Baileys No. 14 Lo-Cal Balancer is a nutrient dense pellet containing all a horse or pony needs for health and well being but with a minimal carbohydrate (calorie) content.

Baileys - No 19 - Performance Balancer - 20kg

Baileys No.19 Performance Balancer is a nutrient dense, low energy, low starch feed designed to give performance horses the nutrients they need without the calories associated to a traditional mix or cube.

Baileys - Oat Balancer Mix - 20kg

Baileys Oat Balancer Mix is a high energy mix designed to be fed alongside oats, and scientifically formulated to counteract any nutrient deficiencies that may be found in them, whilst also providing additional calories.

Baileys - Stud - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Baileys Stud Balancer is scientifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support for all types of breeding and youngstock as well as performance horses at rest

Blue Chip  -  Super Concentrated - Ulsa Cool - Balancer  - 3kg

ULSA-COOL contains specifically tailored levels of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your horse requires daily to maintain health and well-being

Blue Chip  - Original - Native - Feed Balancer - 15kg

Designed to meet the nutritional needs of Native Ponies. Original Native contains a tailored level of probiotic to help maintain natural condition, helping to promote a healthy digestive system without altering their condition

Blue Chip  - Pro - Feed Balancer  - 20kg

Blue Chip Pro contains: a high concentration of probiotic and MOS prebiotic with nucleotides, organic iron, organic copper, vitamin B12, folic acid antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic.

Blue Chip - Dynamic - Feed Balancer - 20kg

A natural formula containing glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain supple and flexible joints.

Blue Chip - Lami Light - Feed Balancer  - 15kg

Blue Chip Lami Light, Latest research has shown that ponies and horses prone to, or recovering from laminitis, should not be starved, but can be assisted by nutritional support.

Blue Chip - Original - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Blue Chip Original is a premium quality feed balancer for horses and ponies which helps to promote coat & skin health, digestive health, topline, condition, overall health & wellbeing.

Blue Chip - Super Concentrated - Calming Balancer - 3kg

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer is mixed with magnesium, L-tryptophan, probiotic and chamomile.

Blue Chip - Super Concentrated - Joint Balancer  - 3kg

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Joint Care Balancer is a revolutionary new formula containing the natural power of Turmeric, Black Pepper and Oils, alongside Glucosamine,

Blue Chip - Super Concentrated - Senior Balancer - 3kg

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer has been combined with CushinCombo, a highly succesful joint supplement and probiotic.

Dengie -  Leisure Balancer  - 15kg

It is low in energy, sugar and starch compared to traditional mixes and cubes and so is ideal for good doers and individuals that require a low sugar and starch diet.

Dengie - Performance Balancer - 15kg

Dengie Alfa-A Balancer is formulated for horses and ponies in work or with increased nutritional requirements to be fed alongside any of the Alfa-A range of Fibre Feeds.

Dodson & Horrell  - Performance Balancer  - 15kg

A fully balanced ration tailored to the requirements of the performance horse. Perfect for a low intake complete feed, or as an additional top up to hard feed when required.

Dodson & Horrell  - Senior Support Balancer -  15kg

Fully balanced feed including chelated minerals for optimal absorption and activity in the body. Includes specific supplements for the more senior horse or those requiring joint support.

Dodson & Horrell -  Go Lite Balancer - 15kg

Low calorie balancer suitable for good-doers. Low in starch and sugar - suitable for those prone to laminitis.

Dodson & Horrell - Be Calm Balancer - 15kg

Fully balanced feed suitable for all horses at rest or in work that are sensitive or anxious.

Dodson & Horrell - Suregrow - Feed Balancer - 20kg

A highly versatile, fully balanced amino acid, vitamin and mineral pellet for Thoroughbred broodmares and stallions needing a low calorie diet

Dodson & Horrell - Ultimate Balancer - 20kg

Ultimate Balancer is fully balanced with all of the essential vitamins and minerals your horse or pony needs on a daily basis. Ultimate Balancer will also provide your horse or pony with antioxidants to support health.

Gain - Opti-Care Feed Balancer - 20kg

Gain Opti-Care Balancer – non heating, nutrient rich, multi- purpose feed balancer (formerly Opti-Grow Pellets).

Gain - Stud Care 32 - Balancer - 25kg

Gain Stud Care 32 Balancer is a premium stud balancer pellet designed for very low feeding rates. It can be fed solely to well-conditioned breeding stock

Growell Feeds - Equilibra 500 - Plus Omega 3 - Feed Balancer  - 20kg

Growell Feeds Equilibra 500 & Omega 3 provides optimum vitamin and mineral content for your horse. It contains Oatinol to aid enzyme activity and nutrient absorption

Heygates - Equi Balancer - Pellets  - 20kg

Heygates Equi Balancer is a low calorie, low starch feed balancer that is extremely dense in essential nutrients. Vitamin E & Biotin

Heygates - Stud Balancer - 20kg

Heygates Stud Balancer has been formulated to supplement the diets of stud horses, lactating mares, stallions, yearlings and foals over 3 months of age.

Keyflow - Mark Todd - Perfect Balance - Feed Balancer - 15kg

Mark Todd Perfect Balance is a scientifically formulated fully steam extruded balancer. Perfect Balance can be fed to horses & ponies that are on high fibre diets, box rest, are overweight or need a boost to their diet

Keyflow Golden Oldies 15kg

Keyflow Golden Oldies horse feed. Veteran Balancer Mash with DHA Omega 3 and Protexin Probiotic and Prebiotics and Turmeric. Suitable for horses and ponies 15 years plus and also for horses prone to arthritis, mobility support,

NAF - Optimum - Feed Balancer

NAF Five Star OPTIMUM will restore and maintain five star condition, topline and health, maximize the nutritional value of the daily feed ration

From: £24.99
Pure Feed Company  - Pure Fibre Balance  - 15kg

Pure Feed Company Fibre Balance is a great choice for feeding good doers. It contains a larger ration of high-quality balancer

Pure Feed Company - Pure Balance - 15kg

Pure Balance is designed to give your horse the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids, prebiotics and probiotics.

Red Mills -  Oat Balancer - Cooked Mix 20% - 25kg

Specially formulated oat balancer in a muesli form. With a combination of steam cooked barley, maize and peas to create a complete ration when added to quality oats.

Red Mills -  Performa Care - Balancer 30% - 20kg

Performa Care Balancer delivers a high level of nutrition along with digestive aids, antioxidants and muscle builders.

Red Mills - Formula Gold Balancer 12% -  20kg

High energy high oil for top level performance Garlic and herb blend for extra palatability. High levels vitamins and minerals for health and maximum recovery

Red Mills - Gro-care Balancer - 20kg

Red Mills Grocare Balancer is a unique balancer for broodmares, stallions and youngstock.

Red Mills - Oat Balancer 25% Pellets - 25kg

SPECIAL ORDER- Red Mills Oat Balancer Pellets are high in protein, vitamins and mineral to cater for the needs of performance horses.

Saracen - Competition Fit - Balancer - 20kg

Competition Fit Balancer is a highly nutritious, low intake performance balancer in the unique form of a mix, which includes a variety of micronised cereals, digestible super fibres and optimum levels of biotin, live yeast

Saracen - Essential Balancer - 20kg

Saracen Essential Balancer is a suitable feed for all horses & ponies which require a low calorie, balanced ration. The feeding rate of the pellet is fairly low due to it being nutritionally dense.

Saracen - Gar-Lick - Horse - Vitamin & Mineral Lick - 10kg

Saracen Gar-Lick is a unique vitamin & mineral lick that not only fills in common nutrient deficiencies, it also provides a natural defence against insect & fly bites.

Saracen - Shape Up - Feed Balancer - 20 kg

Saracen Shape-Up Balancer is designed for horses & ponies that are overweight or predisposed to laminitis, good doers & native breeds.

Saracen - Stamm30 - 20kg

Saracen Stamm 30 Balancer is designed for horses in work, mature horses that need more protein or fast growing foals to help control their weight gain & growth rates.

Simple System - Balance + - 15kg

Simple System Simple Balance + is a formulated balancer containing high quality functional ingredients for promoting optimum health.

Simple System - Total Eclipse

Simple System Total Eclipse is a blend of high quality ingredients to create a superb forage balancer that can be fed all year round to complement forages and grazing.

From: £24.00
Spillers -  Gro N Win - Stud Feed Balancer - 20kg

Spillers Gro 'n' Win Balancer is a nutrient dense, low calorie stud balancer that meets the increased nutritional requirements for pregnant or lactating mares, foals and youngstock

Spillers - Daily - Vitamin & Mineral - Horse Feed Balancer - 15kg

Spillers Daily Balancer has been formulated to provide all of the vitamins and minerals needed to balance out a forage only diet.

Spillers - Lite & Lean - Horse Feed Balancer - 20kg

Spillers Lite Balancer is suitable for all good doers and overweight horses and ponies and those prone to laminitis to be fed alongside suitable low calorie compound feed or a forage only diet.

Spillers - Original Multi - Horse Feed Balancer - 20kg

Spillers Original Balancer is suitable for all horses and ponies to be fed alongside compound feed or forage only diets. Whole cereal free, low starch non-heating formulation.

Spillers - Pro Performance - Horse Feed Balancer - 20kg

Spillers Performance Balancer is suitable for all competition and race horses to be fed alongside compound feed or forage only diets.

Spillers - Supple & Senior - Horse Feed  Balancer - 15kg

Spillers Supple & Senior Balancer is suitable for all senior horses and ponies to be fed alongside compound feed or forage only diets.

St.Hippolyt - Microvital - 3kg

SPECIAL ORDER St Hippolyt Microvital is a high specification supplement that provides biophilic trace elements along with valuable vitamins to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Thunderbrook - Equestrian Base Mix - 15kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Base Mix concentrated balanced base feed. Ideal for all horses of all disciplines.

Top Spec - Anti Lam Feed Balancer - 15kg

TopSpec AntiLam is a pelleted multi-supplement which is able to provide nutritional support for horses prone to, being treated for or recovering from laminitis

Top Spec - Comprehensive Feed Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer is a palatable, non-heating pellet which has been made without cereal grains for a low sugar & starch formula.

Top Spec - Cool Balancer - 15kg

TopSpec Cool Balancer is designed for horses & ponies that need to improve their condition but without the fizz & may be in light to medium work.

Top Spec - Joint Feed Balancer - 15kg

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer combines the nutritional benefits of a conditioning feed balancer with a high specification joint supplement.

Top Spec - Lite Feed Balancer - 15kg

Lite Feed Balancer will help maintain excellent health whilst greatly improving hoof quality and promoting a supple skin and an exceptionally shiny coat.

Top Spec - Senior Feed Balancer - 15kg

Senior Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to help maintain mobility.

Top Spec - Senior Lite Balancer - 15kg

Senior Lite Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to help maintain mobility.

Top Spec - Stud - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Top Spec Stud Balancer is designed for broodmares, youngstock and stallions. The formula will promote superb muscle and skeletal development without providing excess calories resulting overtopping.

TopSpec  - Performance Lite -  Feed Balancer  - 15kg

TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer is designed for horses in hard work that do not require any extra muscle development or topline,

TopSpec - Racing Feed - Balancer - 20kg

TopSpec Racing Feed Balancer is designed to provide nutritional support for optimum speed, stamina & recovery rates in working horses. This low starch feed is great for horses that need a specialist diet