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Equilibrium / Vita Munch

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Equilibrium - Simply irresistible - Vegetable

A healthy and delicious feed-topping made from natural ingredients with added probiotics. Makes full feeds more inviting and irresistible to eat as well as a great taste.

Equilibrium - Vita Munch - Hedgerow - Fibre Block - 1kg

Vita Munch Heavenly Hedgerow is made from top quality Timothy grass , slow dried at a low temperature to maintain a fresh succulent flavour and nutrient level

Equilibrium - Vita Munch - Meadow - Fibre Block - 1kg

Vita Munch Meadow is made from top quality Timothy grass, Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and herbs through a patent pending process.

Equilibrium -Vita Munch -  Calm Munch - 1kg - Fibre Block

New Calmmunch is a healthy, tasty, low calorie, low sugar, high fibre cereal-free snack specially designed for excitable or anxious horses and ponies.