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Equerry - Horse Feeds

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Equerry -  Cool Mash - 20kg

Equerry Cool Mash Designed for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Quick-soaking mash for horses that need a low energy feed

Equerry - Conditioning Cooler Mash - 20kg

Good levels of protein - for muscle development and topline. Highly digestible fibre sources including sugar beet Oil and linseed - to promote condition and a shiny coat

Equerry - Conditioning Cubes - 20kg

Equerry Conditioning Cubes are designed for horses that need to gain weight & topline without putting on excess fat in certain areas.

Equerry - Conditioning Mix - 20kg

Equerry Conditioning Mix has been designed for horses that need to gain weight & improve their topline. Highly digestible cereals are used throughout the mix.

Equerry - Cool Cubes - 20kg

Suitable for horses that have a tendency to be sharp or fizzy. Low sugar and starch, Low energy, high fibre formula Added vitamins and minerals including magnesium

Equerry - Cool Mix - 20kg

Equerry Cool Mix is a high fibre, low energy formula designed for ponies or horses that are in light work or those that are fizzy or sharp.

Equerry - High Fibre Cubes - 20kg

Equerry High Fibre Cubes have been designed to suit the needs of horses & ponies that are at rest or in very light work.

Equerry - Horse & Pony Cubes - 20kg

High fibre - to support a healthy digestive system. Medium energy level - for work and to maintain condition Oil to promote a shiny coat. Good levels of protein - for muscle tone and development

Equerry - Horse & Pony Mix - 20kg

Equerry Horse & Pony Mix is designed for all horses & ponies that are in light to medium work & may need a little extra help maintaining condition & top line.

Equerry - Minty Treats - Horse Treats -  20kg

Equerry Minty Horse Treats are a deliciously crunchy treat that is suitable for horses as a reward for good behaviour or after doing something particularly hard.

Equerry - Performance Cubes - 20kg

Equerry Performance Cubes are designed to meet the energy requirements & nutritional needs of competition horses & ponies in medium to hard work.

Equerry - Sports Mix - 20kg

Equerry Sports Mix is a highly digestible formula designed for competition horses & ponies in medium to hard work.

Equerry - Stud & Yearling Mix - 20kg

Equerry Stud & Yearling Mix is a feed designed for broodmares, young stock & stallions which require a high protein diet to support pregnancy, growth & muscle maintenance.

Equerry - Veteran Mix - 20kg

Equerry Veteran Mix is a specially designed mixture for elderly horses which need to gain weight & condition as they age.


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