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Dried Mixer - Dog Food




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Burns  - Hypo-Allergenic  - Mixer 2kg

Burns Hypo-Allergenic Mixer is a wheat free and based on rice. It contains no soya or un-named cereals.

Fold Hill  - Mini - Mixer 15kg

Carefully developed for puppies or small dogs, and with a coating of tasty meat juices and 8% oils, Mini Mixer is particularly kind to newly emerged teeth and the smaller mouths of miniature breeds.

Fold Hill  - Mixer - 15kg

These cooker-extruded 'mixers' include natural fibre, vitamins, minerals, oils and fats to help provide all that is necessary for dogs' daily diets.

Fold Hill  - Plain  - Terrier - Meal - 15kg

Fold Hill Terrier Meal designed for all sizes of adult dogs. To be fed with meat to provide extra fibre to the diet

Fold Hill  - Puppy Meal 15kg

Fold Hill Puppy Meal designed to be fed with equal amounts of canned or fresh meat, to provide a crisp and crunchy complementary texture.

Fold Hill - Laughing Dog - Traditional Mixer Meal - Puppy & Small Dog - 15kg

A wholegrain mixer meal that has been ‘oven baked’ using traditional milling and baking methods for mixing with meat - ideal for puppies and small dogs.

Natures Menu - Country Hunter - Seriously Mighty Dog Mixer - 700gm

Natures Menu Country Hunter Mighty Mixer is a traditional wholesome mixer for adding to your home made raw meals for dogs or alongside a generous portion of Natures Menu Country Hunter Tins.

Natures Menu - Mighty Mixer - Salmon & Potato - 2kg

The biscuit is made from human grade salmon and potato alongside oats, vegetables and super foods. Developed to specifically complement a raw meat diet for an added nutritional edge and texture change up.

Natures Menu - Mighty Mixer - Turkey & Oats - 2kg

Natures Menu Mighty Mixer Turkey & Oats is a complementary food made from fresh turkey meat and a wholesome blend of oats, vegetables and superfoods that are nutritionally dense.

Red Mills -  Purebred Mixer - 15kg

Red Mills Purebred Mixer has been specially formulated to be fed with fresh meat or tinned dog food. Ideal for dogs who require a lower protein diet.