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Dog Dental Care / Breath




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Johnsons Veterinary Products  - Toothpaste 50gm

For cats and dogs. Protects gums, cleans teeth and freshens breath

Logic - Oral Hygiene Gel - 70gm

This medicated dental hygiene gel helps prevent the formation of dental plaque and fights bad breath. Based on a multi-enzyme patented system,

Petkin  -  Liquid Oral Care 8oz

Freshens breath and cleans teeth. Works invisibly in pet's drinking water as this product has no flavour, colour or scent.

Petkin  - Tooth wipes 40 wipes

Toothwipes helps youtake care of your pet's dental health with a blend of baking soda and fresh spearmint flavour. Simply wipe your pet's teeth and gums everyday .

ProDen - Plaque Off - Dental Granules

PlaqueOff Dental Granules for Dogs by ProDen is a completely natural product containing a special type of seaweed to help promote oral health in your pet.

A range of products to aid dental health care and cleaning of teeth in dogs of all sizes