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From: £9.95
Designed specifically to maintain acid levels in horses and promote a healthy digestive system. Coligone is FREE of ANY BANNED SUBSTANCES and can be used whilst competing under rules
Designed to aid and support the digestive system and maintain healthy acid levels within the digestive tract.
High fibre, cereal free, low sugar and starch treats that are packed with Coligone.
Equimins charcoal is a vegetable form of carbon made from ground coconut shells and can be used to maintain a healthy digestive system.
From: £6.65
Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, (particularly linolenic acid and alpha-linoleic acid) supplementing with Linseed Oil will be reflected in a fabulous shiny coat.
Fennel seeds are reputed to have a relaxing effect on the digestive organs, including gassy or uncomfortable stomachs,
Boswelia Powder (also known as Frankincense) is traditionally fed to aid joints, movements and mobility.
From: £6.95
A good source of protein and Vitamin B. May be useful for the digestive system and can also be a great benefit to most horses/ponies in times of stress.
From: £11.40
Supports healthy digestion. For obese horses and ponies on weight management programmer
From: £5.80
Known as 'the conditoning herb', excellent for adding condition to poor doers building top line and muscle or for shy feeders. Can be fed in conjunction with garlic for complimentary properties.
Helps the respiratory system by promoting removal of mucus and catarrh, reducing gastric acid secretions.
Helps the respiratory system by promoting removal of mucus and catarrh, reducing gastric acid secretions.
Multi purpose Meadowsweet is commonly known as a ‘pick me up’ and commonly used for aches and pains.
General blood cleanser and conditioner. A good source of iron, Nettle is also rich in Vitamin C
Vervain has been used traditionally in Europe for centuries as a relaxant and antispasmodic.
Activated charcoal in a unique pellet to powder form for ease of use and increased adsorption rate.
Global Herbs Turmeric is a spice which help mobilise fat & utilise it as an energy source.
A supplementary source of dietary fibre. A must for horses in sandy areas. Contains only ground psyllium husks.
From: £3.75
Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer contains a combination of ingredients to support the digestive system from the stomach to the hindgut while licking produces saliva which also supports the digestive system.
From: £26.99
GastriAid’s formulation contains pre and probiotics to promote digestive health,
From: £8.99
All the natural goodness of fresh apple is preserved in cider vinegar, making it an excellent source of Vitamins A and C and good quality carbohydrates.
NAF Daily Gut health is a super tasty supplement that can be fed every day to help enhance the digestive health in all horses and ponies.
From: £18.50
A probiotic powder that can be easily added to feed. Use daily to encourage normal function and to ensure the level of good bacteria
A range of products from a great range of suppliers in a variety of sizes in liquid, paste or powder formulations.