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Bach Flower - Recovery Remedy - 10ml

Packaged in a bottle with a dropper top. Contains cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and star of Bethlehem.

Baileys  - Pure Soya Oil  - 5 litres

This fatty acid is an essential component in the horse’s diet and promotes good skin and coat condition

Baileys - Aqua-Aide - Electrolyte - 2kg

Baileys Aqua-Aide Electrolyte has been designed to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat in stressful situations like exercise, performance or travelling.

Baileys - Limestone Flour - Calcium Carbonate - 3kg

Baileys Limestone Flour is a natural & easily digestible source of calcium which is essential for the healthy growth & maintenance of bones, teeth & hooves.

Baileys - No 19 - Performance Balancer - 20kg

Baileys No.19 Performance Balancer is a nutrient dense, low energy, low starch feed designed to give performance horses the nutrients they need without the calories associated to a traditional mix or cube.

Bettalife - Pharmaquin - Joint Complete HA

Equine joint supplement containing high levels of Glucosamine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid. Contains zero additives and zero fillers.

Blue Chip  - Pro - Feed Balancer  - 20kg

Blue Chip Pro contains: a high concentration of probiotic and MOS prebiotic with nucleotides, organic iron, organic copper, vitamin B12, folic acid antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic.

Brincombe - Prorange - Irish Karon Oil - 5 litre

Aids the natural flow of food through the digestive system. Contains over 50% pure linseed oil to lubricate the gut and provide beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 for a rich glossy coat.

Carrs - Lumin8  - Complete coat, skin & hoof supplement- 1 Litre

Lumin8 is packed full of omega oils (3, 6, 7 and 9), naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants delivering outstanding quality to the skin, coat and hooves all year round.

Cooked Linseed Meal -  20kg

Cooked Linseed is a traditional food for horses. It is low in starch and sugar, high in protein and it's gel forming fibre can help smooth the passage of food through the digestive system

Dengie - Natural Vitality - Performance Vits & Mins - 2kg

Natural Vitality Performance Vits & Mins is to be given to working horses and ponies alongside a Dengie Alfa-A or Hi-Fi product to provide a balanced ration.

Dengie - Performance Balancer - 15kg

Dengie Alfa-A Balancer is formulated for horses and ponies in work or with increased nutritional requirements to be fed alongside any of the Alfa-A range of Fibre Feeds.

Dodson & Horrell  - Performance Balancer  - 15kg

A fully balanced ration tailored to the requirements of the performance horse. Perfect for a low intake complete feed, or as an additional top up to hard feed when required.

Dodson & Horrell - Build & Glow - 18kg

Dodson and Horrell's Build & Glow is a complementary feed stuff specifically for horses and ponies needing to gain weight.

Dodson & Horrell - Performance  Concentrate Museli  - 20kg

Low intake muesli with additional support supplements for the performance horse

Dodson & Horrell - Performance Vitamins & Minerals - 3.5kg

Dodson & Horrell Performance Vitamins & Minerals are an ideal dietary addition for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work.

Dodson & Horrell - Soya Oil - 5 Litre

Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil is a traditional addition for your horse or pony’s diet and this supplement can help to improve your horse’s coat condition and shine.

Equilibrium - Simplyboost - Electrolyte - 500ml

Simplyboost Electrolyte contains a high concentration of essential salts & minerals, ideal for use to replace lost salts after strenuous effort or when horses sweat

Equimins  - Linseed Oil

Helps to maintain healthy looking skin and coat. High in Omega 3 for flexibility, known to support itchy skins.

Equimins  Health -  Soya Oil

For more stamina - gives energy without the 'fizz'. A very useful product for providing slow-release energy.

Equimins - Dee-Tye & Drink Liquid Supplement

Dee-Tye will make horses drink for the nutritional support of healthy muscle function. Contains important natural antioxidants, trace elements, minerals, body salts,

Equimins - Revitalyte - Electro Salts

A balanced formulation of essential body salts and probiotics. To be used after strenuous exercise, heavy sweat loss, travelling and conditions of stress

Equimins - Straight Cooked Linseed - 3kg

Improves coat and body condition, ready to use.

Equine America -  Hemo-Flex Solution - 1 Litre

Equine America Hemo-Flex Solution is a potent combination of Hemogen, Cortaflex & Tyegard that works together to support health blood, muscles & joint tissue.

Equine America - Bleader Gard Powder - 908g

Equine America Bleader Gard Powder provides support for the optimal functioning of the lungs & blood vessels

Equine America - More Muscle Pellets - 908g

Equine America More Muscle Pellets help build up conditioning & are also great for safely increasing muscle mass on performance horses.

Equine America - Turmeric Extra -3kg`

Equine America Turmeric Extra is ready to use, with linseed (flax) oil and black pepper already included!

Equine America - Tye Guard - 1 Litre

Tye-Gard contains a highly absorbable human grade Vitamin E and Selenium, two vitamins involved in the health of muscle tissue, allowing the muscle to work more effectively at full capacity.

Equine America - Vitamin E & Selenium Powder - 980g

Equine America Vitamin E & Selenium Powder is a supplement to support healthy muscle function & aid in recovery after strenuous exercise.

Equine Answers - Linseed Oil  - 5 litre

This pure Linseed Oil is cold pressed wheras most commercial sources are hot pressed to extract as much oil as possible

Equine Products - No Ties - 2.5 Litres

A new scientifically formulated supplement to help relieve the effects of lactic acid build up in race horses, eventers, show jumpers, trotters and horses competing in endurance events.

Equine Products UK - Cal-Phos

Regular feeding of Cal-Phos can assist in the maintenance of a balanced ratio of 2 calcium to 1 of phosphorous in the diet as a whole and can help to supply essential salt

Equine Products UK - Copper-Trition - Powder / Sachets

Copper-Trition is a vitamin mineral nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins including vitamins E, B6 and B12

Equine Products UK - Equine Energiser - 2kg tub

Use of alternative carbohydrates instead of glucose to assist in the replacement of energy lost during hard exercise and to aid recovery after competition

Equine Products UK - Haematrol K - 1.5kg

Haematrol K A simple to use nutritional supplement formulated to provide the important vitamins K and C.

Equine Products UK - Linseed Oil

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, (particularly linolenic acid and alpha-linoleic acid) supplementing with Linseed Oil will be reflected in a fabulous shiny coat.

Equitop - Myoplast - 1.5kg

Equitop myoplast 1.KG unique food supplement for horses from Boheringer, designed specifically to build muscle mass and support lean muscle growth.

Equivite Original

Improved recipe including chelates. Concentrated multi-vitamin and mineral supplement in a palatable formulation which gives better absorption of minerals. 3. You feed straights such as oats and bran to form a significant part of the hard feed. Usage: One 50ml scoop daily for light work or at rest. Two 50ml scoops daily for breeding, lactating or working.

Equus Health  - Gluosamine

Glucosamine HCL is essential in aiding the production of cartilidge, ligaments, tendons and joint fluid.

Equus Health - Cider Vinegar

Our unpasteurised cider vinegar is a good source of Vitamins A & C and phosphorous, for all-round good health and vitality. Traditionally used to help with joint function and circulation.

Equus Health - Cod Liver Oil

High grade 100% Cod Liver Oil, rich in Vitamins A and D, Lineleic and Omega 3.

Equus Health - Flexi Limbs

Flexi Limbs encourages more flexible, pain-free joints. A combination of pure MSM and Glucosamine HCL

Equus Health - Linseed Oil

Can be beneficial to all horses/ponies but particularly performance and breeding animals, as an aid to building muscle and bone density.

Equus Health - Omega 3 Salmon Oil

Our Salmon Oil is a sustainably farmed alternative solution for those who recognize the benefits of feeding Cod Liver Oil.

Equus Health - Soya oil

For energy and stamina without the 'fizz'. Essential fatty acids offering slow release energy with skin and coat maintenance. An excellent aid to your horse's fitness regime.

Equus Health - Winter glow / Summer Shine  Performance - 3kg

A natural conditioner that provides essential nutrients to help keep your horse or pony happy and healthy.

Farnam - Apple- Dex - Electrolytes - 2.27kg

When horses sweat, essential body fluids are lost causing dehydration. This in turn can lead to fatigue, exhaustion and other muscular related problems.

Foran - Equi-Lyte G - 10kg

A supplement of electrolyte salts to replace sweat loss in horses. Contains added Vitamin E and C. These high performance electrolytes are highly palatable, even if the horse is stressed, exhausted or finicky.

Foran - Nutri-Gard - 3kg

NUTRI-GARD is a dietetic feedstuff for use in the management of stress related problems in horses. Gastric ulcers are very often the result of those problems.

Gain - Cereal Balancer Pellets - 25kg

Gain Cereal Balancer Pellets is a high specification balancer designed to be mixed with oats and other cereals to make a complete feed.

Global Herbs -  Ti-Free - 1kg

Global Herbs Ti-Free is a traditional formula designed to support & maintain normal muscle function & conditioning.

Global Herbs - Acid X - 1kg

Global Herbs Acid-X formula for maintaining normal function in horses

Global Herbs - Antisuck - 1kg

This blend is traditionally used to maintain a calm and comfortable digestion.

Global Herbs - Muscle Up - 1kg

Global Herbs Muscle Up can be used just to improve general condition or to enhance the natural conformation of top competition horses.

Gold Label - Energy Shot - Vitamin B12 Oral Syringes - 3 x 20ml

Highly-concentrated, ready-to-use vitamin B12 syringe

Gold Label - Pure Vitamin C - 1kg

Anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. Helps maintain the health of the capillaries and recommended for regular feeding to bleeders. Can be used in conjunction with meadowsweet or rue

Horse First - Acid Aid

Use Acid Aid to soothe & coat the stomach, supporting the neutralization of excess acid found in stables horses in training, competition and racing.

Horse First - Back To Form

When your horse loses that spark of energy or is lacking enthusiasm, especially mid-season, and needs that little lift give him Back To Form.

Horse First - Cuppra

Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up which brings your horses coat back to life. Copper deficiency is a common worry for horses so to combat this Cuppra has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning.

Horse First - Exselent E

Exselent E contains Vitamin E and selenium which improve muscle and well-being. It increases muscle performance during or through development and relaxation

Horse First - Heavy Sweat  Now - Electrolyte - 30ml syringe

Puts back what sweat takes out during hard work, travelling and exercise. Pure body salts with no fillers, glucose, bicarbonate or lactate

Horse First - My Muscle

My Muscle contains high levels of the antioxidant vitamins E and C which protect and preserve the integrity of cell membranes thus reducing tissue damage during exercise, training and competition.

Horse First - Vital V - 1 Litre

Vital-V is the new multi-vitamin Super Supplement to allow your horse to reach its maximum potential. Vital-V provides each horse with the essential multi-vitamins they require for optimum health and vitality.

Keyflow - Key Plus - Rice Bran Supplement -  15kg

Keyflow Key-Plus is a concentrated feed additive for horses and ponies. Key-Plus can be added to any equine diet where increased condition, topline or an extra source of cool calories (energy) is required.

Lincoln - Flax Oil

Lincoln Flax Oil is a natural, cold pressed oil, balanced in Omegas 3, 6 & 9. Also known as Linseed Oil, Flax Oil is a vegetable based oil which is easily digested

Lincoln - Liquid Electrolytes - 1 litre

Rapid Electrolyte replenishment and water rehydration for horses post-exercise

MMF - Linseed Lozenges - 20kg

These linseed lozenges can be added to your horses daily feed (a handful a day) or used as a healthy treat. Excellent treat to use when clicker-training your horse

NAF -  D-Tox

D-Tox contains antioxidants to harmlessly flush out free radicals and restore the body’s natural equilibrium.

NAF -  D-Ty

For the nutritional support of healthy muscle tissue and function. Contains scientifically verified natural antioxidants. Ingredients: Products of tubers and roots,

NAF -  EnerG

This Iron rich, fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to help improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete.

NAF -  Instant Magic - Syringes - Pack of 3

Instant Magic uses bio-available magnesium combined with a fast acting herbal base for an effective instant calming effect.

NAF - Can't Believe It's Not Cod Liver Oil

By supplementing your horse’s diet with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cod Liver Oil, Contains: Soya Oil, Linseed Oil, Hemp Oil

NAF - Cod liver Oil

NAF Cod Liver Oil is rich in vitamins A and D, this readily assimilated oil is a valuable general aid to conditioning.

NAF - Five Star - Superflex - Senior - 660g

NAF Five Star Superflex Senior is a unique formulation providing our highest specification of the key joint support nutrients for horses,

NAF - Glucosamine 10,000 Plus - with MSM - 900g

Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM provides the recognised level of glucosamine sulphate (10,000mg at loading rate, 5,000 at maintenance rate) together with additional support from MSM

NAF - M Power - 900g

For ultimate muscle power, strength and stamina, this leading edge nutritional formula will support the natural, healthy development of muscle.

NAF - Recover - 500ml

NAF Recover is an antioxidant formula for relaxed muscles, Recover is ideal after strenuous exercise and competition to support the horse’s natural recovery process

NAF - Vita ferrin

. vitaFerrin is iron rich and fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximise training and performance potential and has the added immune system support of yucca and echinacea.

NAF - Vitamin E Selenium & Lysine  - 1kg

Supports muscle function in the performance horse. Particularly useful in those geographical areas where the soil is likely to be Selenium deficient.

Nettex - Carron Oil - 4.5L

Carron Oil is a balanced blend of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) derived from a high quality, cold pressed Linseed Oil, fortified with Calcium Hydroxide.

Phytopet - Equi Boost

Equi Boost- Quickly absorbed fastacting liquid herbal extract Easy to administer liquid botanical extracts. No added fillers like cider vinegar

Phytopet - Equi Focus

A combination of herbal tinctures to help Focus and Calm your horse or pony. Great for compitition and shows. A useful training aid helping to calm and focus your horse.

Prokalm -Syringe paste - 60gm  Science Supplements

An innovation in managing stress and anxiety in horses allowing them to perform at their potential. Rapid acting and effective calming supplement with results in as little as 30 minutes from feeding

Pure Feed Company -  Pure Linseed  - 15kg

Pure Feed Company Pure Linseed contains just one ingredient; micronised linseed – and nothing else! It can be fed straight from the bag with no need for soaking or boiling

Red Cell - 3.8lt

Red Cell is a vitamin-mineral supplement for fuelling champion horses. It is potent, reliable and homogenized for maximum consistency and has yucca flavouring for added palatability.

Red Cell - Booster paste - Single  Syringe - 60ml

This easy to use formula provides high levels of vitamins and trace elements to give your horse an instant boost in strength and resistance, to allow them to perform at their maximum.

Red Cell - Pellets - 1.8kg

This high performance product is now available in easy to feed pellets. Contains 300mg of iron per half ounce and includes B-complex vitamins for immune system support.

Red Mills -  Performa Care - Balancer 30% - 20kg

Performa Care Balancer delivers a high level of nutrition along with digestive aids, antioxidants and muscle builders.

Rowen Barbary - Sumo - Muscle Builder - 20kg

Rowen Barbary Sumo Muscle Builder has a milk powder based concentrate for rapid improvement in condition

Rowen Barbary - Sumo - Original - 10kg

Sumo Original is an extremely valuable feed for all horses from youngsters to veterans, especially when trying to perfect the condition and enrich the bloom in the coat.

Saracen -  KERx - RiteTrac - 3kg

Saracen KERx RiteTrac is suitable for horses experiencing loose droppings, weight loss, lack of appetite & abnormal digestive sounds.

Saracen - Equi-Jewel - 20 kg

Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets are a healthy way of adding concentrated calories into a horses diet without excessive cereal intake.

Saracen - KERx - EquiShure

Saracen KERx EquiShure has been designed to supply targeted delivery of Sodium Bicarbonate to the hindgut, this helps maintain a normal pH

Saracen - Stamm30 - 20kg

Saracen Stamm 30 Balancer is designed for horses in work, mature horses that need more protein or fast growing foals to help control their weight gain & growth rates.

Saracen - Super Shine - Soya Oil with Mint - 5 Litre

Saracen Super Shine Soya Oil with Mint is a useful oil supplement that has now been made tasty to make it easier to feed to your horses.

Science Supplements - Complete Electrolytes

An extra gentle electrolyte that is specifically designed for all horses in work, which can help them to perform to their highest standards.

A range of products from a great range of suppliers in a variety of sizes in liquid, paste or powder formulations.