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Animal Dreams - Paper Bedding  - Standard size

Hamster paper can be used for hamsters and other small animals. Made from the off cuts of tea bags

Animal Dreams - Shredded J Cloth  - Bedding - Standard size

Shredded J-cloth suitable for small animal bedding. Warm, comfortable and very absorbant

Animal Dreams - Shredded J Cloth Bedding - Large Pack

Highly absorbant cloth ideal for small animal bedding.  Warm, comfortable and very absorbant.

Arden Grange - Tasty Liver Treat Paste - For Dogs 75gm

Arden Grange Tasty Liver Dog Treat comes in a paste form which makes portioning out easier & also gives the treat a variety of other uses apart from a reward for good behaviour.

Johnsons Veterinary Products - Tea Tree - Skin Calm Spray 150ml - CLEARANCE

Johnson's Tea Tree Skin Calm has been specially developed to soothe and calm skin irritations. The gentle formula consisting of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Lavender Oil.

Nettex - AI & Scanning Gel - 500ml

A clear non-spermicidal gel used for artificial insemination as a lubricant, or to be used as a scanning gel.

Venidog - Hearty Treats - 40gm - CLEARANCE

100% natural air-dried Ox Heart slices with no additives. A tasty treat packed with unique nutrients. An excellent source of several B vitamins, iron, other minerals and essential amino acids.

Venidog - Pure Pheasant  - Jerky - 40gm - CLEARANCE

100% natural air-dried jerky made from UK pheasant breast fillets (with no offal or other body parts). Having a unique rich flavour

Venidog - Pure Pheasant - Chew Sticks (6 Pieces) - CLEARANCE

100% natural air-dried chew sticks made from UK pheasant breast fillets (with no offal or other body parts) presented in an edible sausage casing derived from natural collagen, with no additives.


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