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Chudleys - Dog Food

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Chudleys - Adult - Dog Food - Lamb & Vegetables with Rice

Chudleys Lamb & Vegetable Sensitive Dog Food is carefully formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all adult dogs who are of a delicate disposition or who have a delicate digestive system.

Chudleys - Adult - Dog Food - Salmon with Rice & Vegetables - Maintenance

Chudleys Salmon with Rice & Vegetables Maintenance Dog Food is suited towards working dogs that are going through long rest periods or are only partaking in lighter work.

Chudleys - Classic - Dog Food

Chudleys Classic is formulated to support the unique nutritional requirements of the working dog, thus helping to support his overall performance in terms of energy, stamina and recovery.

Chudleys - Lite  - Dog Food

Chudleys Lite is a delicious combination of whole grains, chicken and vegetables that provides 10-15% fewer calories than other adult diets in the Chudleys range.

Chudleys - Original - Dog Food

Chudleys Original is one of the best selling muesli diets on the market, designed for dogs in light work, during rest periods or for those that gain weight a little too easily

Chudleys - Puppy / Junior - Dog Food

Chudleys Puppy/Junior is a great food for working dogs that have been weaned off of their mothers’ milk & is now on solid food.

Chudleys - Senior - Dog Food

Chudleys Senior is a complete diet for all dogs as they reach old age and it can also be fed in advance of the onset of old age to help reduce the incidence of the signs of ageing.

Chudleys - Working Crunch - Adult Dog Food

Chudleys Working Crunch has an increased fat & protein content to help support their performance & overall conditioning. A joint care package is also included in the mixture.