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Baileys - Alfalfa Blend - 18kg

Baileys Alfalfa Blend Chaff is a unique combination of alfalfa, soft green oat straw clover which has been coated with a blend of molasses & oil.

Baileys - Alfalfa Plus Oil - 20kg

Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil uses pure UK grown alfalfa which has been high temperature dried & chopped to the perfect size for improving digestion whilst still being fun for horses to eat.

Baileys - Golden Chaff - 12.5kg

Baileys Golden Chaff is a traditional chaff made from chopped wheat straw that has a light molasses coating, this makes it ideal for adding to mixes or cubes to stop horses bolting their feed & encourage chewing.

Baileys - Light Chaff - 15kg

Baileys Light Chaff is a blend of Alfalfa & oat straw that has been sprinkled with mint for a fresh aroma & coated in soya oil for improved palatability & the encouragement of coat shine.

Baileys - Ultra Grass - 12.5kg

Baileys Ultra Grass is pure high temperature dried & chopped grass with a light dressing of soya oil, tis makes it ideal for fussy feeders & provides them with extra oils for coat health.

Cavalor  - Fibre Force - 15kg

Cavalor FiberForce is the ultimate fibre mix, specially developed for horses suffering from stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, insulin resistance, laminitis and cushing's disease

Dengie  - Cool, Condition & Shine - 20kg

Dengie Cool, Condition and Shine. A tasty fusion of soft and pelleted fibres - straw, grass chop, alfalfa and grass pellets.

Dengie  - Pure Grass -  15kg

A naturally nutritious 100% chopped grass feed with absolutely nothing else added! Made from pure, British grown grasses including Fescue, Rye and Meadow Grass,

Dengie -  Alfa-A - Lite - 20kg

ALFA-A LITE contains pure alfalfa with a light molasses coating and is ideal for horses and ponies in work that hold their weight easily.

Dengie - Alfa A - Molasses Free - 20kg

Alfa-A Molasses Free is suitable for horses and ponies in medium to hard work, those in light work that struggle to maintain condition or those that require a low sugar and starch ration.

Dengie - Alfa-A - Oil - 20kg

ALFA-A OIL is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperature to lock in the natural goodness, with a dressing of soya oil for additional slow release energy

Dengie - Alfa-A - Original  - 20kg

ALFA-A ORIGINAL is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperature to lock in the natural goodness

Dengie - Everyday Molassed Chaff - 12.5kg

Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff is a high quality, dust extracted, soft straw feed with a molasses coating and tasty aniseed spice flavouring.

Dengie - Healthy Hooves - 20kg

Dengie Healthy Hooves is the nutritionally complete, low calorie fibre feed for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and those with hoof problems.

Dengie - Healthy Hooves-  Molasses Free - 20kg

The only molasses free, nutritionally complete, low calorie fibre feed with added Biotin and B vitamins to improve hoof quality

Dengie - Healthy Tummy - 20kg

Healthy Tummy contains the latest ingredients to promote gut health including alfalfa, herbs and Protexin Formula. A high specification of vitamins and minerals are included to create a high calorie complete fibre feed.

Dengie - Hi Fi - Good Do-er - 20kg

Hi-Fi GOOD DO-ER is the complete maintenance feed for horses and ponies prone to weight gain

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Lite - 20kg

Hi-Fi LITE is ideal as the sole bucket feed for horses and ponies that are overweight and prone to laminitis. It can also be fed alongside a broad-spectrum supplement,

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Molasses Free - 20kg

Hi-Fi Molasses Free is suitable for horses and ponies at rest or in light work and horses and ponies that require a low sugar and starch ration that maintain weight with ease. It is a low calorie, high fibre feed

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Original - 20kg

Hi-Fi ORIGINAL is made from alfalfa which is high temperature dried - locking in the natural goodness - and then blended with quality soft straw to provide a high fibre ration.

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Original With Apple - 20kg

Hi-Fi ORIGINAL WITH APPLE is made from alfalfa which is high temperature dried - locking in the natural goodness - and then blended with quality soft straw to provide a high fibre ration.

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Senior - 20kg

Hi-Fi SENIOR is a blend of chopped alfalfa with grasses which have been high temperature dried to lock in the natural goodness and ensure the very best quality product. .

Dengie - Meadowgrass - Plus Herbs - 15kg

High in fibre, highly digestible, ideal for feeding alongside a balancer or supplement to provide a high fibre diet A very clean source of fibre and so ideal for feeding to competition horses and ponies

Dengie - Performance Fibre - 20kg

Dengie Performance Fibre for fit, athletic horses which are typically picky and therefore difficult to feed. This is a high energy fibre feed that encourage the fussiest of feeders.

Dodson & Horrell - Alfalfa Chaff - 20kg

Ideal for horses and ponies in medium-hard work, veterans that are losing or have lost condition and breeding stock.

Dodson & Horrell - Alfalfa oil Plus  - Chaff - 18kg

Dodson & Horrell Alfalfa oil Chaff. Provides slow releasing energy for performance horses. High in quality protein for muscle development.

Dodson & Horrell - Fibergy - 20kg

A versatile chaff that can be fed to leisure horses, horses on box rest or convalescing, veterans that are maintaining condition, and laminitics.

Dodson & Horrell - Fibre Fusion - 20kg

Unique blend of sainfoin, alfalfa and grass chaff for palatability. Includes Fibre Plus Complex to support digestive function and fermentation of fibre.

Dodson & Horrell - Fibre Performance - 20kg

Fibre Performance is formulated to ensure that muscular, hoof, coat, joint and immune health is supported with a patented blend of antioxidants and a comprehensive package of B vitamins.

Dodson & Horrell - Just Grass - 12.5kg

Dodson & Horrell Just Grass is a high energy, naturally dried grass chaff which is suited to horses in work or those that struggle to hold their weight.

Dodson & Horrell - Safe n Sound - 18kg

Safe & Sound is the perfect balanced diet as it provides long fibre to supply bulk and chewing; ‘nutri-nuggets’ which are packed with vits, mins and antioxidants. It provides therapeutic levels of biotin, as well as MSM

Emerald Green Feeds -  Grass-Tastic - 12.5kg

Grass-Tastic is an excellent feed for the build-up of condition, as well as helping towards a healthy gut, improved coat shine and general wellbeing.

Emerald Green Feeds - Alfalfa-Mazing - 12.5kg

Alfalfa is an excellent equine feed Containing exceptional levels of calcium Alfalfa-mazing is the perfect feed for the growth and maintenance of bone strength.

Fulmart Feeds - Chill Out - Alfalfa Chop - 15kg

Chill Out® Alfalfa Chop is high in calcium and good for growth and maintaining bone strength. Alfalfa has a high fibre content but has low starch and sugar levels.

Havens - Mix - 15kg

The Havens MIX is a single fibrous mixture of timothy grass ( Phleum pratense ) of lucerne ( alfalfa ) and flax ( Linum usitatissimum ).

Honeychop - Calm & Shine - 12.5kg

Honeychop Calm & Shine is a blend of high fibre oat straw, dried grass, marigold, nettle, mint, camomile and oil. It is an excellent fibre choice if your horse, or pony is a little excitable

Honeychop - Chopped Oat Straw - Chaff - 12.5kg

Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw is a straight high fibre feed which is cleaned and dust extracted, a pure natural product with nothing added.

Honeychop - Lite & Healthy - 15kg

Honeychop Lite & Healthy is a non-heating, low sugar fibre feed that has been coated with linseed for improved palatability, health and condition.

Honeychop - Natural Choice - Alfalfa - 12.5kg

Honeychop Natural Choice Alfalfa is free from molasses making it a non-heating, low sugar, slow release fibre feed that is suitable for a wide range of horses.

Honeychop Original 12.5kg

Honeychop Original is a lightly molassed high fibre oat straw chaff with the addition of limestone flour and salt. You can be sure your horse, or pony has a quality fibre feed

Honeychop Plus Apple -12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Apple is a high fibre oat straw chaff combined with human grade apple pieces and apple flavouring to tempt even the fussiest of feeders.

Honeychop Plus Garlic - 12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Garlic is a lightly molassed oat straw chaff that contains enough garlic in a 1kg per day serving to eliminate buying extra supplements

Honeychop Plus Herbs - 12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Herbs is a lightly molassed oat straw chaff with a wonderful aroma and is highly nutritious and extremely palatable, perfect for your fussy feeder.

Honeychop Senior 12.5kg

Honeychop Senior is the perfect fibre choice for your veteran. It is a blend of chopped oat straw with added alfalfa, mint, oil and a very low sugar dressing.

Keyflow  - Omega Chaff  - 15kg

Keyflow Omega Chaff is a complementary chopped fibre feed for horses that can be fed as part of a normal balanced diet.

Mollichaff - Alfalfa Oil  - 15kg

Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil is made from pure alfalfa which provides a rich source of highly digestible fibre and high quality protein, mixed with a generous dressing of pure soya oil.

Mollichaff - Applechaff - 12.5kg

A high quality, appetising chaff with apple. Contains real diced apple pieces as well as apple essence to make Apple Chaff irresistible

Mollichaff - Calmer - 15kg

Mollichaff Calmer is a complete fibre feed that is ideal for nervous or excitable horses. It has elevated levels of magnesium, as well as chamomile, lemon balm and mint.

Mollichaff - Cherry Showshine - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Cherry Showshine is a high oil chaff with a unique soya oil and low sugar molasses coating. It has a delicious taste and smell of cherry

Mollichaff - Condition - 15kg

Mollichaff Condition is a highly digestible, high fibre, high oil and low starch blend which can be fed as a complete concentrate feed alongside good quality forage.

Mollichaff - Extra - 15kg

A high quality chaff combining wheat straw, a light dressing of molasses and a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Mollichaff - Herbal - 12.5kg

A high quality chaff made from the best oat straw with the addition of a variety of herbs found in the horse’s natural environment. Contains a balanced mixture of Garlic, Mint, Rosemary and Golden Rod.

Mollichaff - Hoof Kind - 12.5kg

A complete fibre-based concentrate feed designed for the nutritional support of horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Mollichaff - Original - 12.5kg

A high quality chaff combining straw and a light dressing of molasses with the addition of calcium. Made from the highest quality wheat straw – chopped and dust extracted.

Mollichaff - Veteran - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Veteran is a high fibre forage mix designed to complement the forage ration where necessary. It contains a balanced blend of dried grass, dried alfalfa and oat straw plus herbs.

NCD - Gold Blend - 12.5kg

Northern Crop Driers' Gold Blend is suitable for all horses and ponies in all levels of work. It has high levels of digestible fibre and has a similar feed value to good quality hay.

NCD - Grass Nuts - 16% - 20kg

Grass Nuts 16%, A unique blend of grasses is used by Northern Crop Driers to produce their grass nuts. This blend is a mixture of grass types

NCD - Graze on - Grass - 15kg

Graze On Grass is a short chop forage that prolongs feeding time, aiding a good digestion in your horse as it has high levels of digestible fibre.

Pegasus Value Chaff - 20kg

Pegasus Chaff is a dust extracted, economical chaff with a low sugar coating and real garlic.

Readigrass - Dried Grass - 15kg

Readigrass is a 100% natural grass feed, with all the goodness of rye grass pastures captured in every bag

Readigrass - Small Friendly - Dried Grass - 1kg

Small Friendly Readigrass it is more nutritious than hay, yet still contains the digestible fibre essential for your animal’s health.

Saracen -  Super Fibre Mix - 15kg

Saracen Fibre Mix is a long chop, dust free, alfalfa based recipe designed as a bran, sugar beet & chaff replacer for horses & ponies on box rest.

Simple System -  Lucie Stalks - Lucerne Chop - 15kg

Simple System Lucie Stalks is a very low calorie feed that encourages chewing, it is made up of sieved Lucerne chop making it ideal for all equines, especially those looking to lose weight.

Simple System - GreenGold - Lucerne Chop - 15kg

Simple System GreenGold is a premium quality Lucerne chop that is naturally high in calcium & protein to help support the muscles & bones of your horse through a healthy diet.

Simple System - Timothy Chop - 12.5kg

Simple System Timothy Chop is a high fibre timothy grass chop which has been harvested when the grass is mature for naturally low sugar levels.

Spillers - Alfalfa Pro-Fibre - 20kg

SPILLERS Alfalfa-Pro Fibre contains a blend of fibres including pure alfalfa which is high in quality protein and organic minerals, ideal for feeding alongside compound feeds and balancers.

Spillers - Conditioning Fibre - 20kg

Spillers Conditioning Fibre contains a special blend of natural fibres to help keep your horse or pony eating for longer when compared to cubes and mixes.

Spillers - Daily Fibre - 20kg (Was Cool Fibre)

Spillers Daily Fibre is a flexible fibre feed which can be used alongside a low energy feed or fed as the main feed for good doers and excitable horses and ponies.

Spillers - Happy Hoof - 20kg

Spillers Happy Hoof is a low sugar, low starch, high fibre feed that is enriched with vitamins and minerals and includes biotin and key antioxidants.

Spillers - Happy Hoof - Molasses Free - 20kg

Spillers Happy Hoof Molasses Free is a unique low calorie fibre blend that is ideal for those owners concerned about the inclusion of molasses in their horses feed.

Thunderbrook - Organic - HerbaLite - 12.5kg

Thunderbrook Organic HerbaLite is a palatable blend of bio-diverse hay from UK organic meadows, together with organic oat straw and added organic mint and fennel seed.

Thunderbrooks Equestrian Healthy Herbal Chaff - 15kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Healthy Herbal Chaff is late cut meadow grass, with added herbs and a light coating of quality linseed oil.

Top Spec - Top Chop Alfalfa - 15kg

TopChop Alfalfa is a high temperature dried British Alfalfa mix with added real mint to help improve palatability & provide extra digestive benefits.

Top Spec - Top Chop Lite - 15kg

TopChop Lite is suitable for all horses & ponies, especially good doers or those prone to gaining weight. The formula is a natural product made from alfalfa, oat straw, real mint & a light dressing of soya oil

Top Spec - Top Chop Sport - 15kg

TopSpec TopChop Sport is a highly palatable mixture of high temperature dried alfalfa & a selection of meadow grass species all coated in soya oil for improved conditioning.

Top Spec - Top Chop Zero - 12.5kg

TopSpec TopChop Zero has been made from British Oat Straw with a tasty apple flavour and mint for extra palatability.

Top Spec- Top Chop Grass - 15kg

TopChop Grass is a blend of specially selected, dried, British grasses. It is ideal for horses and ponies needing a soft, very palatable chop, perfect for fussy feeders including fit performance horses and elderly horses.

Youngs - Super Herbi-chop - 15kg

Super Herbichop is a high fibre horse feed that improves palatability of feed and helps the respiratory system. It also aids the digestive process and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

Youngs - Super Molichop Bloom - 15kg

Super Molichop Bloom is a high oil chaff that includes a leisure balancer. It is a non-heating feed that is high in fibre and contains vitamins and minerals.

Youngs - Super Molichop Lite - 15kg

Super Molichop Lite is a low calorie horse feed that is high in fibre and has lot sugar molasses. It contains Alfalfa pellets and can be fed as a complete feed to your horse.

Youngs - Super Molichop Original - 15kg

Super Molichop Original is an economical horse feed that is high in fibre. It is to be fed with concentrate. It helps to extend feeding time and increases palatability of the feed