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Baileys - Alfalfa Plus Oil - 20kg

Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil uses pure UK grown alfalfa which has been high temperature dried & chopped to the perfect size for improving digestion whilst still being fun for horses to eat.

Baileys - Golden Chaff - 12.5kg

Baileys Golden Chaff is a traditional chaff made from chopped wheat straw that has a light molasses coating, this makes it ideal for adding to mixes or cubes to stop horses bolting their feed & encourage chewing.

Baileys - Light Chaff - 15kg

Baileys Light Chaff is a blend of Alfalfa & oat straw that has been sprinkled with mint for a fresh aroma & coated in soya oil for improved palatability & the encouragement of coat shine.

Baileys - Ultra Grass - 12.5kg

Baileys Ultra Grass is pure high temperature dried & chopped grass with a light dressing of soya oil, tis makes it ideal for fussy feeders & provides them with extra oils for coat health.

Cavalor  - Fibre Force - 15kg

Cavalor FiberForce is the ultimate fibre mix, specially developed for horses suffering from stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, insulin resistance, laminitis and cushing's disease

Dengie  - Cool, Condition & Shine - 20kg

Dengie Cool, Condition and Shine. A tasty fusion of soft and pelleted fibres - straw, grass chop, alfalfa and grass pellets.

Dengie  - Pure Grass -  15kg

A naturally nutritious 100% chopped grass feed with absolutely nothing else added! Made from pure, British grown grasses including Fescue, Rye and Meadow Grass,

Dengie -  Alfa-A - Lite - 20kg

ALFA-A LITE contains pure alfalfa with a light molasses coating and is ideal for horses and ponies in work that hold their weight easily.

Dengie - Alfa A - Molasses Free - 20kg

Alfa-A Molasses Free is suitable for horses and ponies in medium to hard work, those in light work that struggle to maintain condition or those that require a low sugar and starch ration.

Dengie - Alfa-A - Oil - 20kg

ALFA-A OIL is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperature to lock in the natural goodness, with a dressing of soya oil for additional slow release energy

Dengie - Alfa-A - Original  - 20kg

ALFA-A ORIGINAL is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperature to lock in the natural goodness

Dengie - Healthy Hooves -  Molasses Free - 20kg

The only molasses free, nutritionally complete, low calorie fibre feed with added Biotin and B vitamins to improve hoof quality

Dengie - Healthy Hooves - 20kg

Dengie Healthy Hooves is the nutritionally complete, low calorie fibre feed for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and those with hoof problems.

Dengie - Healthy Tummy - 15kg

Healthy Tummy contains the latest ingredients to promote gut health including alfalfa, herbs and Protexin Formula. A high specification of vitamins and minerals are included to create a high calorie complete fibre feed.

Dengie - Hi Fi - Good Do-er - 20kg

Hi-Fi GOOD DO-ER is the complete maintenance feed for horses and ponies prone to weight gain

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Lite - 20kg

Hi-Fi LITE is ideal as the sole bucket feed for horses and ponies that are overweight and prone to laminitis. It can also be fed alongside a broad-spectrum supplement,

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Molasses Free - 20kg

Hi-Fi Molasses Free is suitable for horses and ponies at rest or in light work and horses and ponies that require a low sugar and starch ration that maintain weight with ease. It is a low calorie, high fibre feed

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Original - 20kg

Hi-Fi ORIGINAL is made from alfalfa which is high temperature dried - locking in the natural goodness - and then blended with quality soft straw to provide a high fibre ration.

Dengie - Hi-Fi - Senior - 20kg

Hi-Fi SENIOR is a blend of chopped alfalfa with grasses which have been high temperature dried to lock in the natural goodness and ensure the very best quality product. .

Dengie - Meadow grass - Plus Herbs - 15kg

High in fibre, highly digestible, ideal for feeding alongside a balancer or supplement to provide a high fibre diet A very clean source of fibre and so ideal for feeding to competition horses and ponies

Dengie - Performance Fibre - 20kg

Dengie Performance Fibre for fit, athletic horses which are typically picky and therefore difficult to feed. This is a high energy fibre feed that encourage the fussiest of feeders.

Dodson & Horrell - Fibre Fusion - 20kg

Unique blend of sainfoin, alfalfa and grass chaff for palatability. Includes Fibre Plus Complex to support digestive function and fermentation of fibre.

Dodson & Horrell - Fibre Performance - 20kg

Fibre Performance is formulated to ensure that muscular, hoof, coat, joint and immune health is supported with a patented blend of antioxidants and a comprehensive package of B vitamins.

Dodson & Horrell - Just Grass - 12.5kg

Dodson & Horrell Just Grass is a high energy, naturally dried grass chaff which is suited to horses in work or those that struggle to hold their weight.

Dodson & Horrell - Safe n Sound - 18kg

Safe & Sound is the perfect balanced diet as it provides long fibre to supply bulk and chewing; ‘nutri-nuggets’ which are packed with vits, mins and antioxidants. It provides therapeutic levels of biotin, as well as MSM

Emerald Green Feeds -  Grass-Tastic - 12.5kg

Grass-Tastic is an excellent feed for the build-up of condition, as well as helping towards a healthy gut, improved coat shine and general wellbeing.

Emerald Green Feeds - Alfalfa-Mazing - 12.5kg

Alfalfa is an excellent equine feed Containing exceptional levels of calcium Alfalfa-mazing is the perfect feed for the growth and maintenance of bone strength.

Honeychop -  Topline & Shine -  15kg

Honeychop Topline & Shine is a molasses free soft fibre blend. A non-heating fibre blend for Topline and Condition.

Honeychop - Calm & Shine - 12.5kg

Honeychop Calm & Shine is a blend of high fibre oat straw, dried grass, marigold, nettle, mint, camomile and oil. It is an excellent fibre choice if your horse, or pony is a little excitable

Honeychop - Chopped Oat Straw - Chaff - 12.5kg

Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw is a straight high fibre feed which is cleaned and dust extracted, a pure natural product with nothing added.

Honeychop - Lite & Healthy - 15kg

Honeychop Lite & Healthy is a non-heating, low sugar fibre feed that has been coated with linseed for improved palatability, health and condition.

Honeychop - Plus Apple -12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Apple is a high fibre oat straw chaff combined with human grade apple pieces and apple flavouring to tempt even the fussiest of feeders.

Honeychop - Plus Herbs - 12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Herbs is a lightly molassed oat straw chaff with a wonderful aroma and is highly nutritious and extremely palatable, perfect for your fussy feeder.

Honeychop - Senior - 12.5kg

Honeychop Senior is the perfect fibre choice for your veteran. It is a blend of chopped oat straw with added alfalfa, mint, oil and a very low sugar dressing.

Mollichaff - Applechaff - 12.5kg

A high quality, appetising chaff with apple. Contains real diced apple pieces as well as apple essence to make Apple Chaff irresistible

Mollichaff - Calmer - 15kg

Mollichaff Calmer is a complete fibre feed that is ideal for nervous or excitable horses. It has elevated levels of magnesium, as well as chamomile, lemon balm and mint.

Mollichaff - Cherry Showshine - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Cherry Showshine is a high oil chaff with a unique soya oil and low sugar molasses coating. It has a delicious taste and smell of cherry

Mollichaff - Condition - 15kg

Mollichaff Condition is a highly digestible, high fibre, high oil and low starch blend which can be fed as a complete concentrate feed alongside good quality forage.

Mollichaff - Herbal - 12.5kg

A high quality chaff made from the best oat straw with the addition of a variety of herbs found in the horse’s natural environment. Contains a balanced mixture of Garlic, Mint, Rosemary and Golden Rod.

Mollichaff - Hoof Kind - 12.5kg

A complete fibre-based concentrate feed designed for the nutritional support of horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Mollichaff - Veteran - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Veteran is a high fibre forage mix designed to complement the forage ration where necessary. It contains a balanced blend of dried grass, dried alfalfa and oat straw plus herbs.

NCD - Graze on - Grass - 15kg

Graze On Grass is a short chop forage that prolongs feeding time, aiding a good digestion in your horse as it has high levels of digestible fibre.

NCD - Graze on Lite - was Gold Blend - 12.5kg

Northern Crop Driers' Gold Blend is suitable for all horses and ponies in all levels of work. It has high levels of digestible fibre and has a similar feed value to good quality hay.

Readigrass - Dried Grass - 15kg

Readigrass is a 100% natural grass feed, with all the goodness of rye grass pastures captured in every bag

Simple System - Timothy Chop  - 12.5kg

Simple System Timothy Chop is a high fibre timothy grass chop which has been harvested when the grass is mature for naturally low sugar levels.

Spillers - Alfalfa Pro-Fibre - 20kg

SPILLERS Alfalfa-Pro Fibre contains a blend of fibres including pure alfalfa which is high in quality protein and organic minerals, ideal for feeding alongside compound feeds and balancers.

Spillers - Conditioning Fibre - 20kg

Spillers Conditioning Fibre contains a special blend of natural fibres to help keep your horse or pony eating for longer when compared to cubes and mixes.

Spillers - Happy Hoof - 20kg

Spillers Happy Hoof is a low sugar, low starch, high fibre feed that is enriched with vitamins and minerals and includes biotin and key antioxidants.

Spillers - Happy Hoof - Molasses Free - 20kg

Spillers Happy Hoof Molasses Free is a unique low calorie fibre blend that is ideal for those owners concerned about the inclusion of molasses in their horses feed.

Sweet Meadow - Bloom & Shine Chaff  - Plus Turmeraid -- 15kg

Sweet Meadow Bloom & Shine Chaff. Bloom & Shine is a superior super quality fibre feed. It is rich in soya oil and contains turmeraid

Sweet Meadow - Herbal chaff  - 15kg

Sweet Meadow Herbal Chaff contains all the goodness and benefits of Sweet Meadow Original Chaff plus a unique blend of aromatic herbs

Thunderbrook - Organic - HerbaLite - 12.5kg

Thunderbrook Organic HerbaLite is a palatable blend of bio-diverse hay from UK organic meadows, together with organic oat straw and added organic mint and fennel seed.

Thunderbrooks Equestrian Healthy Herbal Chaff - 15kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Healthy Herbal Chaff is late cut meadow grass, with added herbs and a light coating of quality linseed oil.

Top Spec - Top Chop Lite - 15kg

TopChop Lite is suitable for all horses & ponies, especially good doers or those prone to gaining weight. The formula is a natural product made from alfalfa, oat straw, real mint & a light dressing of soya oil

Top Spec - Top Chop Zero - 12.5kg

TopSpec TopChop Zero has been made from British Oat Straw with a tasty apple flavour and mint for extra palatability.