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Cavalor - Versele Laga - Horse Feeds

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Cavalor  - Fibre Force - 15kg

Cavalor FiberForce is the ultimate fibre mix, specially developed for horses suffering from stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, insulin resistance, laminitis and cushing's disease

Cavalor - Action Mix  - 20kg

Cavalor Action Mix has been formulated for competition horses at light work (4 to 8 hours a week).

Cavalor - Action Pellet - 20kg

Cavalor Action Pellet is a premium quality racing pellet that is a complete diet for racing or hard working horses. It can be supplemented with grains (oats or barley

Cavalor - Endurix - 20kg

Cavalor Endurix is a feed for competition horses that have to provide long distance performance, e.g. military, carriage-driving, endurance, etc

Cavalor - Juniorix - 20kg

Cavalor Juniorix is a specially formulated mix for young horses from approximately one year. During this period in which the foal fully develops, playful yearlings need specific growth targeted nutritional elements

Cavalor - Mash & Mix - 15kg

Cavalor Mash & Mix is specially formulated from very easily digestible natural raw materials. Mash & Mix exclusively contains extruded nutritional elements

Cavalor - Perfomix - 20kg

Cavalor Performix is a well-balanced competition mixture suited towards active horses. This food has joint supporting elements included like copper, zinc & manganese

Cavalor - Pianissimo - 20kg

Cavalor Pianissimo is specially formulated for horses and ponies prone to stress or horses that are hard to handle. Pianissimo contains herbs and other elements that counteract excessive sensitivity.

Cavalor - Probreed - 20kg

Cavalor Probreed is rich organic proteins (proteins which mainly contain essential amino acids necessary for the growth and functioning of the young systems of unborn foals)

Cavalor - Start & Go Soft -  15kg

Cavalor Start & Go Soft consists of easily digestible, very tasty and heat treated grains and lactoproteins gradually to teach the foal to eat. SPECIAL ORDER

Cavalor - Strucomix - Sensitive - 15kg

Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive is a well-balanced feed for sensitive horses. Many horses are prone to develop different problems due to an unbalanced nutrition and a bad digestion.

Cavalor - Strucomix Original - 15kg

Cavalor Strucomix Original has been designed to suit the diets of horses in the wild. Horses were originally prairie animals that used to search all day for grasses and herbs to eat.

Cavalor - Strucomix Pony - 15kg (1)

Cavalor Strucomix Pony is a special high fibre mix for ponies formulated with key elements for an optimized conversion of feed into energy.

Cavalor - Strucomix Senior - 20kg

Cavalor Strucomix Senior is for older horses which have a less efficient digestive system and also often less good teeth.

Cavalor - Superforce - 20kg

Cavalor Superforce is a top quality feed specifically suited for active competition horses who must produce very high efforts in a very short space of time for explosive performances in show-jumping etc

Cavalor - Tradition Apple - 20kg

Cavalor Tradition Apple Mix is a delicious mix type feed that has been enriched with dried apple flakes. Tradition Apple is an oats free mix that is particularly suited towards leisure horses

Cavalor - Tradition Mix - 20kg

Cavalor Tradition Mix contains all of the necessary elements for a healthy and balanced traditional horse ration. Cavalor Tradition Mix is designed for horses at rest or horses performing light work.

Cavalor - Western Mix - 20kg

Cavalor Western Mix is a feed specially suited for the specific build and metabolism of active horses used for western sport. , Western Mix is ideally suited for the heavier work - SPECIAL ORDER

Cavalor Shine & Show 20kg

Cavalor Shine & Show is a unique formulation designed for horses that are going to be under the spotlight whether it be at auction, or for show horses. SPECIAL ORDER

For Further information please visit their website at - http://www.cavalor.com/int