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A unique combination of herbal ingredients carefully selected and blended to feed and encourage healthy skin.
A concentrated blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moisturising cream. The fast acting cream helps to soothe and moisturise and it has an inbuilt natural insect repellent.
From: £9.99
A unique combination of natural herbal ingredients, blended to make a soothing, antiseptic wash for both human and animal use.
From: £11.99
A unique blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moisturising cream. Beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions, such as cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, cracked heels and girth scald. I
3M Vetrap tape is the original cohesive tape for equine use, providing a great combination of softness, strength and conformability.
The two powdered tree barks in this herbal nutritional supplement have a soothing effect on the digestive tract, slowing the passage of food and increasing absorption of nutrients, firming stools and easing discomfort.
A licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of coughs and bronchial conditions; an aid to maintaining general health in dogs and cats.
From: £12.75
Keeper’s Mix is derived from a recipe developed by a Dorset gamekeeper and kennel-man and contains an impressive eight ingredients.
From: £18.00
A licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of anxiety, nervousness, excitability and travel sickness
A pure and natural product rich in vitamins A, D and E. Promotes good health, a shiny coat, bright eyes, stronger teeth and bones.
A & R Blend is rich in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA & DHA. EPA & DHA Omega 3 fatty acids are highly unsaturated
A herbal tincture formulated from the African herb Harpagophytum procumbens known as Devils Claw because of the shape of the herb.
This is a powerful supplement containing Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin Sulphate, Glucosamine, Ascorbic Acid and MSM to support healthy cartilage development
Thornit Ear Powder is used for ear mites and their complications - such as itching - in dogs, cats and small animals.
For minor upsets such as change of food etc. Feeding a bland diet may help such as feeding chicken and rice or withhold food for 24 hours
For regular cleaning of the ears. Softens and aids removal of wax
Johnson’s Ear Drops contain the natural ingredient Pyrethrum, effective in treating ear mite infestations in both cats and dogs.
Johnson's Tea Tree Skin Cream offer protection to the skin, supporting the natural healing process, whilst the tea tree calms the affected area.
Natural herbal product. Reduces the effect of vehicle motion
This medicated dental hygiene gel helps prevent the formation of dental plaque and fights bad breath. Based on a multi-enzyme patented system,
This is an exceptionally high quality liquid soap containing a proven bactericide and fungicide.
Relieves itches and pain from hot spots and irritations. The bitter taste also stops your pet licking.
Keep your pet's ears clean the easy way with ear wipes. These extra soft cloths are moistened with a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, odour and wax. Also soothes itching and can help prevent ear infections with regular use.
Toothwipes helps youtake care of your pet's dental health with a blend of baking soda and fresh spearmint flavour. Simply wipe your pet's teeth and gums everyday .
Petlife Otodex Skin Cream. Ideal for a wide range of skin complaints or injuries. Reduces bleeding and protects against infection. Quick soothing action.
A combination of herbs shown to support the musculo-skeletal system. Containing Cats Claw , Turmeric, Boswellia , Calendula
A combination of herbs traditionally used to support hormonal balance. Contains Agnus castus, Pulsatilla and Dandelion.
Herbal Kick Start spray. Use to Kick Start the vital force in new born and struggling animals. Elderly animals benefit from Life Drops warming actions.
Herbal Kick Start spray. Use to Kick Start the vital force in new born and struggling animals. Elderly animals benefit from Life Drops warming actions.
Contains a Homeopathic combination of Feline Calicivirus (30C), Borax (30C): Phosphorus (30C): Pulsatilla (30C)
Natural help for allergies. Non drowsy combination of botanical extracts Use for hot itchy skin conditions
Homeopathic combination of Veratrum album, Cituta virosa and Calc fluor.
A mixture of remedies for allergy support
A combination of oils, tinctures and essential oils to ease itching and scratching All natural no nasty chemicals.
Studies show that a small daily dose of these sea vegetables can be very effective in helping to safely reduce and prevent dental plaque and tartar in dogs and most other animals
A fast acting stain remover which can destroy tough stains and will even break down old, dried in stains Is incredibly easy to use and takes very little effort
Stops the itching and rubbing cycle associated with insect bites, skin disorders, allergic reactions and other irritations.
A rapid easily read and accurate reading of the temperature of all animals
From: £2.50
A lubricant for internal and veterinary practices. Non-drying formulation for all farm animals. Spermicide free.
From: £5.75
A triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oils and chlorhexidine for use as a skin cleanser or surgical scrub
A combination of natural ingredients which gently lubricate the system giving a mild laxative effect that removes the hairball and reduces future blockages.
Ear Cleaner is a gentle, non-toxic ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats which can help remove debris such as dirt and wax build up and aid in keeping your pets ears clean and dry.
Vetzyme Antibacterial Powder is a mild antibacterial powder which will help soothe and protect the skin, without causing discomfort to sore areas. Helps to soothe the skin.
Allermyl Glyco Shampoo is a cleansing and soothing shampoo for cats and dogs. A good cleansing shampoo that helps to protect the skin, whilst leaving a good microbial balance.
Active ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel and Menthol to soothe the ear and cool irritation, plus Camphor and Eucalyptus to discourage ear mites and fleas
A range of products to help keep your cat in tip top condition -  items for everyday healthcare from ear cleaners to supplements