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Blood, Kidneys & Immunity - Equine




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Dodson & Horrell - Echinacea  - Powder- 1kg

Echinacea has many nutritional benefits and supports the immune system

Equi Life - Vitex - 4 Equids  Plus - 7kg

Vitex4 Equids Plus is HIGHLY PALATABLE; most horses and ponies will eat it from the hand. Contains Chaste Berry

Equine America -  Pro-Pell Plus

A daily tonic designed to increase energy levels, acting as a 'pick me up' for horses.

From: £11.99
Equine America - Cushins Crumbles - 908g

Equine America Cushins Crumbles is designed to be especially useful in ponies & older horses

Equine America - Emune Solution - 946ml

Equine America Emune Solution is the ideal supplement for horses that require a little extra support for their immune system.

Equine Products UK -  Iron Plus - 1 litre

A concentrated iron supplement specifically formulated to assist in the maintenance of the iron and energy status of your horse.

Equine Products UK - Copper-Trition - Powder / Sachets

Copper-Trition is a vitamin mineral nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins including vitamins E, B6 and B12

From: £4.99
Equine Products UK - Haematrol K - 1.5kg

Haematrol K A simple to use nutritional supplement formulated to provide the important vitamins K and C.

Equine Products UK - Haemavite B Plus  -Sachets

Designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood levels and contains four key elements in an appetising syrup base.

From: £1.65
Equine Products UK - Haemavite B Plus - Liquid

Designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood levels and contains four key elements in an appetising syrup base.

From: £16.99
Equus Heallth - Echinacea - 1kg

Echinacea is a well-know herb for promoting the immune system and red blood cells,

Equus Health - Burdock Root -

Ideal for skin conditions such as eczema or dry scurfy skin and as a tissue cleanser

Equus Health - Clivers & Marigold  - 1kg

Clivers & marigold are a great ‘tonic’ herb and can benefit horses with filled puffy legs, horses on box rest and as a Spring tonic.

Equus Health - Clivers - Cleavers - 1kg

Cleavers are a great ‘tonic’ herb and can benefit horses with filled puffy legs, horses on box rest and as a Spring tonic.

Equus Health - Dandelion - 1kg

Dandelion roots historically have been used for the kidney, liver and the digestive system.

Equus Health - Hawthorn Berries - 1kg

Helps to support the circulation by having on beneficial action on the blood flow and heart rate. It is high in iron and contains 19 different flavonoids.

Equus Health - Hawthorn Leaves & Flowers  - 1kg

Helps to support the circulation by having on beneficial action on the blood flow and heart rate. It is high in iron and contains 19 different flavonoids.

Global Herbs - Restore - 1kg

A liver tonic which revives, helps with movement, and supports general condition and brightness. Results seen in a few days.

Global Herbs - Restore Liquid - 1 litre

Global Herbs Restore Liquid is a liver tonic & detoxifier that can be used with all other products to improve their effectiveness.

Gold Label - Energy Shot - Vitamin B12 Oral Syringes - 3 x 20ml

Highly-concentrated, ready-to-use vitamin B12 syringe

Gold Label - Pure Vitamin C - 1kg

Anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. Helps maintain the health of the capillaries and recommended for regular feeding to bleeders. Can be used in conjunction with meadowsweet or rue

Hilton Herbs - Cleavers  & Marigold - 1kg

Marigold (Calendula) and Cleavers are regarded by herbalists as 'sister' herbs and are used for supporting the systems in horses

Horse First - B Well

B Well rebalances the digestive system to stimulate the production of natural flora and enables your horse to utilise feed more efficiently.

From: £18.99
Horse First - Back To Form

When your horse loses that spark of energy or is lacking enthusiasm, especially mid-season, and needs that little lift give him Back To Form.

From: £21.00
Horse First - My Muscle

My Muscle contains high levels of the antioxidant vitamins E and C which protect and preserve the integrity of cell membranes thus reducing tissue damage during exercise, training and competition.

From: £21.00
Horse First - New Bludd

New Bludd is an easy to feed liquid supplement containing high levels of iron which has been formulated with copper to enable the horse to properly absorb and utilise the iron.

From: £15.50
Horse First - Omega D Oil

Omega D Oil is liquid sunshine for horses. Omega D contains cold pressed flax seed with the correct balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 which are known as essential fatty acids.

From: £19.99
Kossolian  Blood Salts - Powder

A carefully balanced blend of iodised mineral with iron, salts, trace elements, vitamin B12 and spices for added palatability.

From: £9.99
Lincoln - Flax Oil

Lincoln Flax Oil is a natural, cold pressed oil, balanced in Omegas 3, 6 & 9. Also known as Linseed Oil, Flax Oil is a vegetable based oil which is easily digested

From: £8.35
NAF -  D-Tox

D-Tox contains antioxidants to harmlessly flush out free radicals and restore the body’s natural equilibrium.

From: £22.00
NAF -  D-Ty

For the nutritional support of healthy muscle tissue and function. Contains scientifically verified natural antioxidants. Ingredients: Products of tubers and roots,

From: £22.50
NAF -  EnerG

This Iron rich, fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to help improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete.

From: £16.00
NAF -  Immuforte - Powder - 150g

NAF Immuforte Powder is an advanced new formula rich in Echinacea, MSM and natural extracts.

NAF - B.L.K -  500g

Formulated for the nutritional support of blood, liver and kidneys, the body’s own de-toxifiers and cleansers. At times of extreme challenge, the liver and kidneys can show signs of stress

NAF - Cushinaze - 1kg

NAF Cushinaze is designed to support vitality, provide nutritional support of the pituitary gland and optimise gut function.

NAF - Echinacea - Liquid - 1 Litre

For the maintenance of an efficient immune system. a liquid formula rich in Echinacea, Astragalus (rich in flavonoids) and Uncaria

NAF - Shake Relief

Horses may be affected by a number of different seasonal triggers; commonly bright sunlight, pollen or flies, resulting in seasonally associated discomfort and anxiety in the head.

From: £29.99
NAF - Vita ferrin

. vitaFerrin is iron rich and fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximise training and performance potential and has the added immune system support of yucca and echinacea.

From: £12.50
Net-Tex - Iron,  Copper & B Vits - 500ml

Nettex Iron, Copper & B Vits contains a comprehensive package of B vitamins, Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc and Manganese that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream

Phytopet - Equi Allergy

Equi allergy - A combination of herbs .  Useful for reactions and hot inflamed itchy skin.

From: £24.95
Phytopet - Equi Boost

Equi Boost- Quickly absorbed fastacting liquid herbal extract Easy to administer liquid botanical extracts. No added fillers like cider vinegar

From: £24.95
Phytopet - Equi Immune

A combination of herbs shown to have an effect on the immune system. Contains: Echinacea, Elderberry, Cats Claw and Astralgus

From: £24.95
Phytopet - Mixed Pollens - Homeopathic Pills

A mixture of remedies for allergy support

Super Codlivine - Red Blood - 4 Litre

Supports red cell production. Loaded with iron, vitamins and minerals. Bursting with fitness, vigour and vitality. Contains yucca and kelp.

The Animal Health Company - Equine Health - Cush Aid - 1Litre

As it contains no sugar, it contains a high calorific value and is easily and rapidly digested, suitable for older horses, fussy eaters and to encourage weight gain.

Thunderbrook  - Cranberry Fruit  - 1kg

Thunderbrook Cranberry Fruit has been dried and comes in a whole berry form.

Thunderbrook - Equestrian - Allergease - 1kg

A blend of fruits, herbs and botanicals to nutritionally support healthy respiratory functions and healthy skin in horses and ponies.

Thunderbrook - Equestrian - Cushinease - 1kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Cushinease is a highly nutritional blend of herbs, designed to support the body systems.

Thunderbrook - Equestrian - Immunoboost  - 1kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Immunoboost is a blend of herbs designed to nutritionally support a healthy immune system. SPECIAL ORDER

Thunderbrook - Equestrian - Liver & Kidney Mix - 1kg

Thunderbrook Equestrian Liver & Kidney Mix is a useful blend of herbs, fruits and botanicals to nutritionally support healthy liver and kidney functions. SPECIAL ORDER

Thunderbrook - Fine Ground -  Burdock Root - 1kg

Burdock root (fine ground) It is best used together with other herbs to cleanse the blood, lymph and urine (e.g. dandelion, cleavers or nettle).

Thunderbrook - Mycosorb A+ - 1kg

Mycosorb A+ is the latest generation of mycotoxin binder, for removal of mycotoxins from the digestive system. It is a patented broad-spectrum mycotoxin

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