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Baileys - Horse Feeds

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Baileys  - No.22 - Prep-Ease  -20kg

Baileys No.22 Prep-Ease Mix. Baileys Prep-Ease is a reduced starch (18%), non-heating mix formulated to promote condition and meet the nutritional demands of growing youngstock, while encouraging a calm temperament.

Baileys - Alfalfa Blend - 18kg

Baileys Alfalfa Blend Chaff is a unique combination of alfalfa, soft green oat straw clover which has been coated with a blend of molasses & oil.

Baileys - Alfalfa Plus Oil - 20kg

Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil uses pure UK grown alfalfa which has been high temperature dried & chopped to the perfect size for improving digestion whilst still being fun for horses to eat.

Baileys - Bruised Best British - Oats  - 20kg

Baileys Bruised Best British Oats have been carefully selected & thoroughly cleaned to ensure that you are getting consistent results when feeding.

Baileys - Everyday / Economy - High Fibre Mix - 20 kg

Baileys Everyday High Fibre Mix provides horses with a high fibre, low energy feed that has been enhanced with oils for an extra shiny coat.

Baileys - Everyday / Economy- High Fibre Nuts / Cubes - 20 kg

Baileys Everyday High Fibre Cubes provide a high fibre, low energy feed that has been enhanced with oils for an extra shiny coat.

Baileys - Foal Creep Pellets - 20kg

Baileys Foal Creep Pellets is a highly digestible milk based feed designed for foals whose dam is not milking well or to top up the nutrients from a milk supply.

Baileys - Golden Chaff - 12.5kg

Baileys Golden Chaff is a traditional chaff made from chopped wheat straw that has a light molasses coating, this makes it ideal for adding to mixes or cubes to stop horses bolting their feed & encourage chewing.

Baileys - High Fibre Complete Nuggets - 20kg

Baileys High Fibre Complete Nuggets are chunky, high fibre cubes that are low in starch, non-heating & are suitably fed alongside additional forage sources to provide a balanced diet

Baileys - Honeyed Oats - 20kg

Baileys Honeyed Oats, Best British Oats are carefully selected, top quality oats grown in the UK. They are thoroughly cleaned, clipped and lightly bruised to maximise nutrient availability. SPECIAL ORDER

Baileys - Keep Calm - 20 kg

Baileys Keep Calm is a balanced, high fibre feed designed to provide horses that tend to get over excited a non-heating feed which will also help maintain their condition.

Baileys - Light Chaff - 15kg

Baileys Light Chaff is a blend of Alfalfa & oat straw that has been sprinkled with mint for a fresh aroma & coated in soya oil for improved palatability & the encouragement of coat shine.

Baileys - Mares Milk - Replacer - Foal Milk

Mare’s Milk Replacer is a complete milk substitute formulated for the orphan or rejected foal or for those foals who are, for whatever reason, not receiving sufficient milk from their dams.-SPECIAL ORDER

Baileys - No 1 - Cooked Cereal Meal - 20kg

Baileys No. 01 Cooked Cereal Meal is made exclusively from micronised wheat, a concentrated source of carbohydrate calories, made as digestible as possible through the meticulous cooking process.

Baileys - No 10 - Racehorse Mix - 20 kg

Baileys No.10 Racehorse Mix is a highly palatable energy dense mixture which is especially useful for improving recovery rates in horses that struggle in between training or hard working sessions.

Baileys - No 11 - Racehorse Cubes - 20 kg

Baileys No.11 Racehorse Cubes are an energy dense feed designed to be highly digestible & lower in starch than alternative feeds to reduce erratic behaviours & negate digestive upsets.

Baileys - No 12 - Trotting Cubes - 20kg

Baileys No.12 Trotting Cubes are highly digestible & energy dense that have been specially formulated for harness racers. SPECIAL ORDER

Baileys - No 13 - Oat Free Horse & Pony Mix - 20kg

Baileys No.13 Oat-Free Horse & Pony Mix is a high fibre mix which has been supplemented with garlic, this provides benefits to the respiratory system & is also good for encouraging fussy eaters.

Baileys - No 14 - Lo-Cal - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Baileys No. 14 Lo-Cal Balancer is a nutrient dense pellet containing all a horse or pony needs for health and well being but with a minimal carbohydrate (calorie) content.

Baileys - No 15 - Senior Mix - Coarse Mix - 20kg

Baileys No. 15 Senior Mix, As a horse gets older his digestive system becomes less efficient so he may no longer obtain the full nutritional benefit from the feed he gets.

Baileys - No 17 - Top line / Conditioning Mix - 20 kg

Baileys No.17 Top Line Conditioning Mix is a non-heating mix designed to have similar properties to the Top Line Conditioning Cubes.

Baileys - No 19 - Performance Balancer - 20kg

Baileys No.19 Performance Balancer is a nutrient dense, low energy, low starch feed designed to give performance horses the nutrients they need without the calories associated to a traditional mix or cube.

Baileys - No 2 - Working Horse & Pony Cubes - Nuts - 20kg

Baileys No. 02 Working Cubes are a perfect “all round” high fibre, low energy feed, ideal for all types of horses and ponies, from leisure horses to performance horses in early fittening work.

Baileys - No 20 - Slow Release - Condition & Competition Mix - 20kg

Baileys No.20 Slow Release Condition & Competition Mix is an enticing, highly palatable mix combines carefully micronised cereals with superfibres, including those provided by Alfalfa Blend chaff.

Baileys - No 21 - Ease & Excel - 15kg

Baileys Ease & Excel is a low starch, high fibre & high oil blend that is suitable for equines that are prone to gastric ulcers as part of a balanced diet.

Baileys - No 3 - Stud Cubes - Nuts -20kg

Because they are barley-free, stud Cubes are non-heating and a lower starch alternative to Stud Mix so are the preferred choice for horses with a tendency to excitability.

Baileys - No 4 - Top Line - Conditioning Cubes -  Nuts - 20kg

Baileys No. 04 Top Line Condition Cubes are barley-free and based on micronised wheat, the cubes are non-heating and highly digestible and are renowned for restoring lost condition.

Baileys - No 5 - Yearling Cubes - Nuts - 20kg

Baileys No. 05 Yearling Cubes, Yearling Cubes are particularly suitable for those youngstock being prepared for the sales or show ring or Thoroughbred yearlings going into training as two year olds. SPECIAL ORDER

Baileys - No 6 - Endurance Mix - 20kg

Baileys No. 06 Endurance Mix is formulated to promote improved stamina in the endurance horse, it is equally popular with riders across the disciplines who are looking for a performance feed

Baileys - No 7 - Stud Mix - 20kg

Baileys Stud Mix is the ideal all-round stud ration for pregnant and lactating broodmares, growing foals and youngstock as well as covering stallions and can be fed alongside Stud Balancer

Baileys - No 8 - Meadow Sweet with Turmeric - 15kg

Baileys No.8 Meadow Sweet with Tumeraid is a low energy, high fibre mix

Baileys - No 9 - All Round - Competition Mix - 20kg

Baileys No. 09 All Round Competition Mix is a highly digestible, nutrient dense mix which provides a combination of energy sources including fibre, oil and cereals

Baileys - No.16 - Racing Light - 20kg

Baileys No.16 Racing Light is a low energy coarse mixture formulated for racehorses at rest or in early fitness work. SPECIAL ORDER

Baileys - No.24  - Ease & Excel Cubes -  20kg

Baileys No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes. A scientifically formulated low starch, low sugar, high fibre and oil cube. Ideally suited for any horses with increased calorie requirements

Baileys - Oat Balancer Mix - 20kg

Baileys Oat Balancer Mix is a high energy mix designed to be fed alongside oats, and scientifically formulated to counteract any nutrient deficiencies that may be found in them, whilst also providing additional calories.

Baileys - Outshine

Outshine is an extruded nugget that combines oils from soya and linseed with supporting nutrients

Baileys - Outshine with Spearmint

SPECIAL ORDER - Outshine with spearmint is an extruded nugget that combines oils from soya and linseed with supporting nutrients

Baileys - Stud - Feed Balancer - 20kg

Baileys Stud Balancer is scientifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support for all types of breeding and youngstock as well as performance horses at rest

Baileys - Ultra Grass - 12.5kg

Baileys Ultra Grass is pure high temperature dried & chopped grass with a light dressing of soya oil, tis makes it ideal for fussy feeders & provides them with extra oils for coat health.

For Further Information or nutrition advice visit Baileys Website - http://www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk/