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King British  - Catfish Pellet Food 65g

​King British Catfish Pellets is a complete diet for all types of catfish and other algae eaters. It is highly digestible and contains a low Waste Formula

King British -  Algae Wafers 40g

A complete and balanced diet, scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all Catfish, Plecostomus and other algae eaters

King British - Bloodworm Fish Treat 7g

The safe and convienent way to let your fish enjoy the benefits of natural live food, as they would in the wild. Blood worm is a natural worm, freeze dried

King British - Turtle & Terrapin - Stick - 110g

King British Turtle and Terrapin Food Sticks (with Immuno Health Booster) are a complete diet for healthy, active Turtles and Terrapins. t.

King British - Turtle & Terrapin Food

King British Turtle and Terrapin Food; Provides an easy way to ensure your turtles diet contains all the essential nutrients

Versele Laga - Reptilix - Land Tortoise - 1kg

Versele Laga Reptilix Land Tortoise is a basic feed for all types of land tortoises. These high-fibre pellets are perfectly suited to meet the nutritional requirements of land tortoises

A range of dried flaked and pelleted feeds for tropical and marine fish from the top manufacturers including - Marina, king british, API, Interpet, Fluval, Aquarian and Tetra