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Akileine - Anti-Perspirant - Footspray - 100ml

For heavy foot perspiration, odours and the prevention of mycosis.

Akileine - Anti-Perspirant - Powder Shaker - 75gm

For feet or shoes. Prevents dampness and overheating. Creates a protective film which avoids the overheating of feet through friction and irritation

Akileine Green Anti-Perspirant Gel 75ml

Anti-perspirant gel that quickly normalises perspiration and refreshes feet.

Compeed - Anti-Blister - Stick 8ml

Compeed Anti Blister Stick to help prevent blisters developing on the feet.Invisibly helps to prevent blisters and chafing. Instant reduction of rubbing from shoes.

Gehwol - Caring Foot - Deo Spray - 150ml

Refreshing foot spray, deodorises, protects and cares. Gehwol caring Footdeo revives, stimulates and has a long lasting deodorising and refreshing effect.

Gehwol - Foot Powder - 100ml

Gehwol Footpowder keeps your feet dry, smooth and odourless. It features disinfectant active ingredients to prevent athlete's foot and foot odour.

Gehwol - Med Deodorant - Foot Cream -75ml

Intensive deodorant foot cream with long-lasting protection. Gehwol Med deodorant foot cream is based on caring jojoba oil and aloe vera.



Foot antiperspirants and deodorants work by killing the bacteria & fungi that can cause the powerful aroma as well as masking the smell itself. Shoes can sometimes block sweat evaporation which gives bacteria a good place to thrive. Bacteria like warm humid places, as well as dead skin. 

The combination of these things can lead to the unpleasant smell that might be coming from your feet.  We sell a variety of sprays, gels or powders to help deal with foot or shoe odour.

If you are in doubt about what the problem is with your feet either see your GP, pharmacist or make an appointment with an HCPC registered Podiatrist.