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Animal Bedding

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AW Jenkinson - Dry Sawdust Bale - Bedding - 17kg/125L

AW Jenkinson Dry Sawdust Bale is supplied in compressed bales which has an out turn of typically around 125 litres.

Bedmax - Large Pine Flake - Shavings Bedding - 20kg

Bedmax Dust Free Pine Shavings are made exclusively from pine to provide horses & ponies with a purpose built bedding solution.

Bedmax - Littlemax - Fine Bedding - Shavings - 20kg

Littlemax Fine Bed Shavings began in 2010 in response to the demand for high performance bed shavings that come in a lighter form. Littlemax is dust free & hygienic

Bedmax - Stockmax Bedding - Pine Shavings - 20kgs

Stockmax Pine Shavings are a versatile bedding solution that has a unique natural ability to kill many strains of bacteria & fungi whilst keeping animals safe.

Dengie - Fresh Bed For Chickens  - Poultry Bedding

Developed in association with the British Hen Welfare Trust, Fresh Bed is designed to keep your hens feeling warm and cosy. Chopped, dust extracted straw bedding ideal for ex-bats in particular

Easibed - Shredded Wood chip / Fibre - Bedding - 20kg

Clean, dust free wood fibre bedding made from 100% recycled clean white wood. Made from clean recycled wood, easibed provides a comfortable, free-draining and economical bed

Easichick - Wood Bedding For Chickens - Poultry Bedding

Low dust, absorbent bedding made from clean, recycled white wood fibre.

Hemp Shiv Shavings 18kg

Hemp Shiv Shavings is a very absorbent, dust free, equine bedding material manufactured from the soft centre of the hemp plant.

Hutton Mill  -Shavings - 20Kg

Premium Pure Kiln Dried Softwood Shavings, Dust extracted, Ethically produced from a sustainable Source

Jondo - Bird Sand - 25kg

Bird Sand is suitable for: Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiel, Finches, Parrots. Bird Sand is a great way to help aid your bird's digestion and keep it healthy

Megazorb - Paper Bedding - 85 litre- Northern Crop Driers

Highly absorbent, dust extracted bedding manufactured from virgin wood pulp. The wood pulp is high temperature dried to kill any mould or spores then dust extracted twice, making it the ideal choice for avoiding respiratory problems

Raviera - Rape Straw Bedding - 20kg

Oil Seed Rape straw is fast becoming the bedding of choice for a lot customers both in the Equine world and poultry world. It is now readily available as a lot more farmers are growing the crop

Raviera Pro - Rape Seed - Straw Bedding - 20kg

It is now readily available as a lot more farmers are growing the crop due to market demand and high prices. It is a very soft bedding but remains highly absorbent and holds its structure well

Small Flake - Wood Shavings - Bedding - 20kg

Small flake natural wood shavings. Dust extracted. Ideal horse bedding.

Snowflake - Soft chip- Wood Chip  - Bedding - 20kg

Snowflake Softchip is the ideal alternative bedding product, whether you're competing at the highest level or simply riding for pleasure.

Snowflake - Supreme - Wood Shavings - Bedding - 20kg

Snowflake Supreme bales are made entirely from kiln dried softwood timber, which guarantees a naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with a superb fresh odour.

Stalosan F - 8kg -  Disinfectant

Stalosan F is an alternative and unique way to control bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, fly larvae, ammonia, moisture and bedding quality in animal housing.

Versele Laga -  Wood Bedding  - No.6 -  15kg

Versele-Laga Natural Dried & Purified Wood Chip Bedding 100% Natural, dried and purified wood chippings.

Versele Laga -  Wood Bedding  - No.6 - 5kg

Versele-Laga Natural Dried & Purified Wood Chip Bedding 100% Natural, dried and purified wood chippings.